Monday, June 1, 2015

A Friends Love - And Wear Good Shoes

When I greet people at my door coming for a reading it isn't unusual that I experience goosebumps or a surge of electricity through my body when my guest enters.  This alerts me that they are accompanied by one of their loved ones in Spirit.  I may not always see the non-physical but I feel the energy.

This day a beautiful innocent young girl with a back-pack arrived.  Her mother had made the appointment for her.  It was her birthday and more than anything she had been wanting a reading.  When she entered I became a bit dizzy or what I imagine it may feel like if I entered a vortex.  Most young people coming to see me don't know a lot of dead people and can't validate the names that may come through for them.  I knew I was in for a wild ride with this sweet girl.

The first thing I hear was "Mississippi".  Then I got the letter "G".  A male showed me his long skinny legs lying on a table.  He was barefoot and wearing straight legged jeans.  I could tell from what I was seeing he was lying on a table in a morgue or prep room for embalming.  He was looking down on his body and I was seeing through his eyes.  I felt a sense of "I can't believe this!"  During this reading I saw a steering wheel and knew there was a car I was suppose to speak of but was not seeing a wreck.  From what my client said he did not die from a car accident.  I saw vertebra and the disc in his upper back and neck.  There was a back injury.

 This young man from what I learned was a student at Ole Miss.  Her best friend.  I asked if he was gay.  She laughed really big but never said if he was or not.  He was not the typical alpha male.  He loved  life and seemed to be the life of the party. He was not someone you would see driving a truck or wearing camouflage.  Knowing when hunting season was would not be a part of his interest.  I can't remember his name because she said "We called him G." Exactly what he showed me was the letter "G".

 He was so excited to come through.  He wanted to get through to his mother and sister who live in Tennessee.  I kept feeling something touch my knee and my ankle which usually is an animal in spirit brushing up against me, so I said "Did he have a dog?"  Of course he had a dog, and this dog was so special some of her friends and she have made the trip to his home in Tennessee from Ole Miss to visit with his dog. He was sending love and acknowledging his dog.

The main message he had was that to him his death was shocking and unintentional.  He had been given a script for pain because of his back and neck injury and simply lying in bed recovering and not being fully aware of when he took his last medication, his heart slowed to the point of death from an overdose.  He did not kill himself.  She said everyone knew that.

As a sensitive it was my first to feel someone so strongly from the other side it felt as if someone put me in the washing machine on the spin cycle.  Beware of how you feel, and know there is a reason for it.  Open your heart and receive messages from those who desperately have something to tell you.  Let me make it clear however.  I have been doing this work for years, and as far as I can remember  never had anyone been so present I felt like I was going to spin off like a bottle rocket.

Receiving messages from the non-physical is a miracle and a gift from heaven.  The messages come in different degrees of intensity.  Send love and talk to those you miss.  I feel that once we die, we still have the ability to send love.  Someone recently said to me, "I don't believe that because in heaven there is no sadness and if we still stay connected there would be sadness."  I have a feeling being out of the physical body and into a spiritual plane there is love and the desire to heal the soul.  I also believe we help our loved ones heal by receiving those messages, and working on our own love, grief and forgiveness.

But that's just from standing in my shoes.  By the way - I sure do see a lot of shoes from the other side.  Just a bit of advice from a Medium, "Wear shoes that make you happy."

Saturday, January 31, 2015

How Does This Stuff Happen

      I was standing at the stove making an omelette this morning when a song came on that I had forgotten about.  It was a song by Cindy Campo that I obviously at some point in the past 5 years downloaded.  The song is "Every Once In A While".  If you would like to go and hear this song please know there are other songs with totally different lyrics with this title, so make certain if you google the lyrics you include the name of the artist.  I am placing a link here to the video where she sings it on You Tube. You will have to cut and paste this link to get there.  This is a song for anyone who has ever lost someone they love.  The lyrics speaks of all the many ways that our loved ones send messages to us.

     So this song is playing while Im preparing my omelette with the eggs and tomatoes along with a hand toss of fresh spinach.  We buy the baby spinach leaves at SAMS and use it in as many ways as we can come up with to build it into our diet.  When the dish was complete, I grabbed a plate placing the plate on top of the skillet and turned the cooked ingredients upside down onto my plate.  I placed the plate on the table getting other things in order and sat down to eat.  I had been in deep thought being alone and listening to music that inspires me.  A song about how our loved ones send messages is definitely a song of inspiration.

     With my plate in front of me while eating I noticed this perfect piece of clover off to the side of my plate as if someone had garnished my plate with a piece of clover.  When you are starting your day and are coming out a quiet fog, things don't necessarily grab your attention as if you were fully aware.  While listening appreciating this song about messages I realize there is a beautiful piece of clover with three perfect heart shaped leaves to the side of my plate.

     I thought I would take a moment to "Thank" who sent me the lovely clover, and remind all of you to continue to look for messages.  Those whose time is up here on earth and they are no longer physically present are sending you messages of love.  They are still with you on the other side!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Who Is Behind That Wall

     In the life of a Medium I would venture to say there is nothing worse than receiving messages and delivering them and the person sitting there looking at you shaking her head "No."  Ugh!  Just thinking about it makes me want to remember to "Just breathe."  I can say it once or twice or repeat what I am seeing and speak it the way it was spoken to me. If the person I am giving the message to just returns a silent blank stare I begin to question everything.  Here is what I have learned.

     Everything about this work that I do is based on faith.  I have to trust and deliver the message the way I get it.  Some of you may have received messages from me that still may not make sense.  I encourage people to record or take notes during their readings because I get a lot of returned calls from people I read for telling me of what they did not understand at the time of their reading when I gave them the message and how it now made perfect sense.   Last night I heard "Czechoslovakia" and gave that to the client during a phone reading.  How random is that?  She said "I don't even know what that is."  I said "It's a country and write it down because if it doesn't mean anything to you now chances are it will."

     Recently I was doing a reading for a beautiful sincere woman.  When she walked in the door to my home the electromagnetic field surged and I was covered in goosebumps.  We sat down together with her having a wonderful reading hearing from people that she was wanting to hear from.  Towards the end of her reading I started receiving messages for her that she began saying "No" to.  I deliver messages reading your energy with my eyes closed.  When I did open my eyes she was looking at me with complete bewilderment as if I was speaking a foreign language.

     I saw a knife.  It was a large knife like a hunting knife.  I could still describe that weapon just as I saw it. Up until this moment there was no drama in her energy or her reading where all of a sudden the energy of someone who had been killed would pop in.  Names were coming through.  She was saying "No."  I was getting frustrated because I know what I was seeing.  I felt comfortable enough to say to her "This is not a wild ass guess."  She said she understood and we agreed we would let it go.

     It was a weird time in our home as the night before a pipe had broken under our house. That night I smelled gas and called the necessary authorities.  They immediately came out and turned our gas off. We were to have someone come repair the pipe and turn our gas back on the following day.  It was late in the afternoon towards the end of my clients reading when the repair work began.  Charlie had dug dirt our from under the house to make way for the plumber to crawl under the house to make the repair. It was dark by the time the gas was back on.

      Charlie and I were grateful to be able to cook and have hot water and get on with dinner.  We were working in the kitchen together when he started telling me about how nice the repairman was. Crawling under the house with him and working beside him I guess you get to know someone.  So he tells me, "That man's twin sister was murdered and stabbed 17 times."  I stopped in my tracks and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  "Seriously?" I asked.  He said "Yes!" I immediately felt her and knew she was coming through when her brother was doing the repair work in our yard under the house.  During my clients reading I was telling her about a knife and giving her names she could not verify.  It was the repairman's murdered sister who was trying to come through for her brother.  I felt relieved yet very sad I had not been successful delivering the message to her brother but now I know.  Spirit does come through walls, but in this case it was the floor.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Dead Man's Message Was "Thank people for all of their prayers."

      Recently during a reading the client's deceased brother came through.  I don't know what he passed from but I know he went through a lot.  I know he was in a wheel chair because he showed me the wheels.  There was terrible neck and head pain as I felt the pressure behind my eyes with my head killing me so I spoke of trauma to the head.  The client confirmed he had brain surgery.  This reading taught me something BIG.  I come close to being emotional sharing this with you. He was asking her to "thank people for all of the prayers."  She said "Yes there we're a lot of people praying for him." He was communicating to me that the prayers meant something.

      He died, so obviously he wasn't healed, but the prayers counted for something he was saying.  He made me feel that the prayers were a big help and in his passing he learned this after he got to the other side.  The prayers were like poker chips.  They stacked up and added up to something.  The prayers from others are like a currency of some sort for us.  They hold value and you benefit from prayer especially when you get to the other side.  It was a new concept for me.

     You guys may see how uninformed I actually am to see that this is a news release for me! Growing up in the church I thought I knew all about prayer and the power of prayer.  I didn't!  The fact is no one ever said to me, "When you die and get into the kingdom of heaven all of the prayers will mean more to you there than they did here on earth."  I was taught when you die that is it!  You can quit praying and give it all up because your done.  NOW I know that is not true!

     We use the word "praying" frequently on Facebook and in conversation. We tell people we are praying for them but are we really?  I know we aren't always following through with the commitment  we promised to someone that we will stop and talk to God asking for healing for them or their loved one, or peace, or joy, or safe keeping for others.

     Another thing about when we pray out loud in my opinion is to remember we are not speaking the words for others in the room. The prayer is not to make you look good. We are picking up the phone to God and placing a request or sending gratitude, but please remember you are not speaking out loud to accommodate the people who are hearing you pray.

      I recently heard a man open a conference call with prayer, he stumbled with his words a little during the opening prayer, and then said "I know I didn't do so good with the opening."  How ridiculous is it to apologize to people in the room for stuttering or stumbling over your words when you speak to God.  It makes me very sad to know that the love connection and the respect from the heart is not present because we are concerned how well our words flow and what people are thinking of us when they hear us pray.

     STOP and PRAY because according to your deceased loved ones it helps stuttering and all.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cajuns Dancing In Heaven

     I didn’t bother to turn on the lights in the funeral parlor as there was sunlight coming through the glass surrounding the entrance.  I was alone in the back of the parlor sitting on a sofa. The dimly lit area was cool and comfortable with a coffee table placed in front of me providing a place I could put my feet up. In the darkened corner I had on a pair of head sets listening to music when I looked up to see a ball of energy come barreling down the hall into the open parlor.  I knew it was the spirit of the body that Charlie was preparing.  I heard the name of the deceased while we were shopping when Charlie took the death call.  I said to the spirit, “You’re Mr. Quibodeaux aren’t you?”  Then I heard “I want my God damn shoes!”

 I have enough experience with this to not be alarmed.  My only reaction is to work with the deceased and deliver the message.  I placed my headsets on the sofa, immediately get up and walk down the hall to the back of the funeral home to the preparation area where I could hear the embalming machine running.  It makes a fairly loud noise. It is a pump mechanism with a motor.  I knock hard and aggressively on the closed door so Charlie can hear me.  He comes to the door kicking it open with his foot while holding his gloved hands up not to touch anything. He looks at me with his face glaring.  You don’t have to be psychic to see that he was completely dumbfounded why I would interrupt him.  He says one word.  “What?”  I say,  “Mr. Quibodeaux just came into the parlor and said to me ‘I want my god damn shoes’.”  Charlie returned a blank gaze.  A moment passed and he answered with one word. “Okay.”  He then kicked the door closed and I walked away.  Returning to the sofa I picked up my headsets placing them on my head and continued to listen to the music.

About twenty minutes passed when Charlie came walking into the front of the building where I was waiting for him.  Turning on all the lights, and unlocking the front door to the funeral parlor he said to me, “Mr. Quibodeaux’s wife and daughter will be here in a few minutes to bring me his clothes.”  Right away three women walked in the door.  I remained seated. Charlie walked over and greeted them.  One of the women who appeared to be the wife of the deceased was holding folded clothes that she reverently placed into Charlie’s arms.  Charlie said, “I’d like to have his shoes.”  She said with a bit of surprise “Well no one told me that I needed to bring shoes.”  Charlie answered, “Yes I would like to have his shoes.” Her response was “Well he never had shoes at the nursing home, only bed room slippers.”  “I will have to go all the way back home to get his shoes.”

 I was really proud of Charlie because he never gave her an out.  She was frustrated with Charlie asking for the shoes.  In that awkward silence he waited for her to agree to go back and get the shoes knowing that he was honoring the request of Mr. Quibodeaux.   There are a lot of advantages for the deceased to be able to place requests with the mortician who is preparing the body!  A bond is formed, as the mortician is the caregiver. Most morticians feel their finished work is their art and their craft.  I know the spirit of the decease is appreciative of the work and care that goes into making them look good.  I have told Charlie many times that when he gets to heaven he will be greeted by thousands of souls stepping up to say “Thank you for what you did for me.” Having a spirit medium tell you the wishes or the desires of the deceased is very helpful!

 I never knew why Mr. Quibodeaux wanted his shoes until his obituary came out.  He was a dancer.  He wanted to go to the other side with his dance shoes on.  If you are Cajun you know how important it is to dance, especially in heaven!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Some Things Are Harder To Believe Than Others

In the past I wanted the stories I blogged about to be meaningful and have a message.  Today it's just because I am in awe!

I had a new male client come to see me three months ago.  He called a week ago wanting to book again.  I tell people to wait three months before you come back however in some cases people may come every other month but that doesn't happen often.  This time when he booked he stated that some of the things I told him on his first visit with me came true and he wanted to see me again.  I never remember what I told you the before.  Some of you know I can't remember your name but I do know your face.  I believe it's part of the ability to forget.

Prior to him arriving I received messages for him during a prayerful meditation as I always do for appointments.  There were messages given that I delivered to him. He had a wonderful reading with his Mother coming through strongly giving me her middle name and her describing the location her body was buried.    She had not come through in the previous visit.

At the end of his reading, I asked "You told me on the phone that some of the things I told you previously came true." "What were they?" I asked.  He said "Well my grandmothers house had been on the market for over a year with only one showing and no buyers of interest."  "You told me it would sell in October".  "We go to closing this week, the first week of October."  "Also you told me I was in an abundance year of 8 with money coming in."  He said " Two weeks ago I bought a scratch-off ticket and won $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars). "

 I hit him on the leg and said "SHUT UP!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"People Get Ready…."

 There are many reasons people call me wanting to book a reading.  I have no idea who they are or why they are coming.  I do a lot of relationship readings stepping into peoples energy and telling them how things feel to me.  I received the following text message from a recent client.

    "I am freaking out.  When I came to see you, you told me there would be a Spanish speaking man from Texas and I thought there is no way…I met the most gorgeous sexy man from Texas this weekend who is Spanish.  I was so attracted I couldn't believe it.  I didn't remember what you had told me until a few minutes ago and I am stunned…"

I can sit and write numerous stories of women I have worked with first seeing them crying with broken hearts to seeing them walk down the aisle.  I see beautiful pictures of babies on Facebook knowing that I told many of these mothers the male or female baby was on the way before the mother got pregnant.  I do a lot of this work and I can be proud of the love and hope people feel when they leave after having a reading with me.  However this is not the type of work I enjoy the most.

The work that makes me the happiest is when I hear from loved ones who have gone on to be with God.  It is the simple things that make me the happiest where I feel I have provided the most healing.  A young man in spirit recently showed me pizza pockets.  I said to his deeply grieving Mother, "Is there a reason I would be seeing pizza pockets?"  She said "He loved pizza pockets!"  Receiving validation from your loved ones can be funny and so comforting.  I want to make it clear however that I tell the truth.  I do not tell people what I think they need to hear to make them feel better.

Another  woman came to see me recently over a man who had made a sudden unexpected exit.  She was in love with him.  He said to me "It would have never worked."  I wrote down what I heard and with deep regret told her what I heard.  Her facial expression changed somewhat going blank, and she said "The last thing he sent me was a nasty message from where we had been fighting."  I of course did not know that.  All I knew was that her heart was broken over a lost love who died.

There is a song in my head as I bring this to a close by Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions "People get ready there is a train thats coming, you don't need no baggage you just get on board."  That is how death can be, very sudden and unexpected.  Let your words and actions in each minute of everyday be such that you have few regrets.