Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cajuns Dancing In Heaven

     I didn’t bother to turn on the lights in the funeral parlor as there was sunlight coming through the glass surrounding the entrance.  I was alone in the back of the parlor sitting on a sofa. The dimly lit area was cool and comfortable with a coffee table placed in front of me providing a place I could put my feet up. In the darkened corner I had on a pair of head sets listening to music when I looked up to see a ball of energy come barreling down the hall into the open parlor.  I knew it was the spirit of the body that Charlie was preparing.  I heard the name of the deceased while we were shopping when Charlie took the death call.  I said to the spirit, “You’re Mr. Quibodeaux aren’t you?”  Then I heard “I want my God damn shoes!”

 I have enough experience with this to not be alarmed.  My only reaction is to work with the deceased and deliver the message.  I placed my headsets on the sofa, immediately get up and walk down the hall to the back of the funeral home to the preparation area where I could hear the embalming machine running.  It makes a fairly loud noise. It is a pump mechanism with a motor.  I knock hard and aggressively on the closed door so Charlie can hear me.  He comes to the door kicking it open with his foot while holding his gloved hands up not to touch anything. He looks at me with his face glaring.  You don’t have to be psychic to see that he was completely dumbfounded why I would interrupt him.  He says one word.  “What?”  I say,  “Mr. Quibodeaux just came into the parlor and said to me ‘I want my god damn shoes’.”  Charlie returned a blank gaze.  A moment passed and he answered with one word. “Okay.”  He then kicked the door closed and I walked away.  Returning to the sofa I picked up my headsets placing them on my head and continued to listen to the music.

About twenty minutes passed when Charlie came walking into the front of the building where I was waiting for him.  Turning on all the lights, and unlocking the front door to the funeral parlor he said to me, “Mr. Quibodeaux’s wife and daughter will be here in a few minutes to bring me his clothes.”  Right away three women walked in the door.  I remained seated. Charlie walked over and greeted them.  One of the women who appeared to be the wife of the deceased was holding folded clothes that she reverently placed into Charlie’s arms.  Charlie said, “I’d like to have his shoes.”  She said with a bit of surprise “Well no one told me that I needed to bring shoes.”  Charlie answered, “Yes I would like to have his shoes.” Her response was “Well he never had shoes at the nursing home, only bed room slippers.”  “I will have to go all the way back home to get his shoes.”

 I was really proud of Charlie because he never gave her an out.  She was frustrated with Charlie asking for the shoes.  In that awkward silence he waited for her to agree to go back and get the shoes knowing that he was honoring the request of Mr. Quibodeaux.   There are a lot of advantages for the deceased to be able to place requests with the mortician who is preparing the body!  A bond is formed, as the mortician is the caregiver. Most morticians feel their finished work is their art and their craft.  I know the spirit of the decease is appreciative of the work and care that goes into making them look good.  I have told Charlie many times that when he gets to heaven he will be greeted by thousands of souls stepping up to say “Thank you for what you did for me.” Having a spirit medium tell you the wishes or the desires of the deceased is very helpful!

 I never knew why Mr. Quibodeaux wanted his shoes until his obituary came out.  He was a dancer.  He wanted to go to the other side with his dance shoes on.  If you are Cajun you know how important it is to dance, especially in heaven!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Some Things Are Harder To Believe Than Others

In the past I wanted the stories I blogged about to be meaningful and have a message.  Today it's just because I am in awe!

I had a new male client come to see me three months ago.  He called a week ago wanting to book again.  I tell people to wait three months before you come back however in some cases people may come every other month but that doesn't happen often.  This time when he booked he stated that some of the things I told him on his first visit with me came true and he wanted to see me again.  I never remember what I told you the before.  Some of you know I can't remember your name but I do know your face.  I believe it's part of the ability to forget.

Prior to him arriving I received messages for him during a prayerful meditation as I always do for appointments.  There were messages given that I delivered to him. He had a wonderful reading with his Mother coming through strongly giving me her middle name and her describing the location her body was buried.    She had not come through in the previous visit.

At the end of his reading, I asked "You told me on the phone that some of the things I told you previously came true." "What were they?" I asked.  He said "Well my grandmothers house had been on the market for over a year with only one showing and no buyers of interest."  "You told me it would sell in October".  "We go to closing this week, the first week of October."  "Also you told me I was in an abundance year of 8 with money coming in."  He said " Two weeks ago I bought a scratch-off ticket and won $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars). "

 I hit him on the leg and said "SHUT UP!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"People Get Ready…."

 There are many reasons people call me wanting to book a reading.  I have no idea who they are or why they are coming.  I do a lot of relationship readings stepping into peoples energy and telling them how things feel to me.  I received the following text message from a recent client.

    "I am freaking out.  When I came to see you, you told me there would be a Spanish speaking man from Texas and I thought there is no way…I met the most gorgeous sexy man from Texas this weekend who is Spanish.  I was so attracted I couldn't believe it.  I didn't remember what you had told me until a few minutes ago and I am stunned…"

I can sit and write numerous stories of women I have worked with first seeing them crying with broken hearts to seeing them walk down the aisle.  I see beautiful pictures of babies on Facebook knowing that I told many of these mothers the male or female baby was on the way before the mother got pregnant.  I do a lot of this work and I can be proud of the love and hope people feel when they leave after having a reading with me.  However this is not the type of work I enjoy the most.

The work that makes me the happiest is when I hear from loved ones who have gone on to be with God.  It is the simple things that make me the happiest where I feel I have provided the most healing.  A young man in spirit recently showed me pizza pockets.  I said to his deeply grieving Mother, "Is there a reason I would be seeing pizza pockets?"  She said "He loved pizza pockets!"  Receiving validation from your loved ones can be funny and so comforting.  I want to make it clear however that I tell the truth.  I do not tell people what I think they need to hear to make them feel better.

Another  woman came to see me recently over a man who had made a sudden unexpected exit.  She was in love with him.  He said to me "It would have never worked."  I wrote down what I heard and with deep regret told her what I heard.  Her facial expression changed somewhat going blank, and she said "The last thing he sent me was a nasty message from where we had been fighting."  I of course did not know that.  All I knew was that her heart was broken over a lost love who died.

There is a song in my head as I bring this to a close by Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions "People get ready there is a train thats coming, you don't need no baggage you just get on board."  That is how death can be, very sudden and unexpected.  Let your words and actions in each minute of everyday be such that you have few regrets.

Friday, May 9, 2014

I Thought It Was A Day Off

While in a gift shop in Kennebunk, Maine I over heard a woman who was shopping telling the store owner that tomorrow was the one year anniversary of her Dad's death.  She was looking for the perfect gift to place on the shelf beside his cremains.  I too was browsing through this quaint little shop.  I was wanting to be on vacation and have a "free" day from Spirit.  I 'll admit I was not wanting to get involved with the needs of this mans daughter but it was if she said it four times.  I knew this was her Dad asking for help.  So without speaking to her I closed my eyes and asked him to show me what it was that he wanted her to purchase that would be a reminder of him for her.  Immediately I saw a dragonfly.  On the coast in Alabama where I grew up we would call them "mosquito hawks".  I was not real excited about this symbol because it seemed a bit airy fairy to me.  I hate giving things as evidence when it seems so typical such as the name "John" because chances are most people have a "John".

She moved closer to me and began browsing exactly at the display where I was.  I turned to her and said "What is it that reminds you of your Dad?" She seemed stunned.  I said "When you are going about your daily life and all of a sudden something you see reminds you of him, what is it?"  She said "I don't know, birds maybe."  I leaned over closer and whispered "I'm a Spirit Medium and when I heard you talking of your Dad I closed my eyes and asked what was it that would be perfect for you."  "The symbol I saw was a dragonfly."  She responded with excitement!  It was the first time I saw her smile.  She said "My Dad was a grounds keeper on a small island here in Maine."  The dragonfly is perfect!  I said what is your Dad's name?  She said "Al".  I said I'm hearing the name "Kay".  She said "Casey!"  "That's his dog."  "Dad had to put him to sleep before he died."  I said "Well Casey is with your Dad."  She said "Thank you so much!!"  She went on about her shopping and so did I.

Charlie and I were standing at the cash register paying for our purchases when I noticed a basket of pewter tokens with words written on them.  I picked one up that said "Imagine" turned it over and there was a dragonfly on it.  I asked "How much is this?" The cashier said "Three dollars."  "I said charge it to me please."  I walked over to Al's daughter and said "This is a gift to you."  Her eyes filled with tears.  She placed her arms around my neck and hugged me.  Charlie and I walked out of the store to get into our rental car when I heard a voice directly behind me.  It was the woman.  She followed me out of the store and said "I will never forget you!"  "Can I have your card or something?"  I reached into my wallet and handed her my card.  She turned and walked away.

Charlie and I were continuing with our day driving to New Hampshire.  About thirty minutes after leaving the gift shop we were on the toll road of highway 95 when we drove up to the toll booth.  The woman working inside the booth said, "Sir you wouldn't happen to be a veteran would you?"  Charlie said "Yes I am."  She handed him a note and  said "The car in front of you paid the $3.00 toll for the next veteran." We were stunned!  We couldn't speak from the emotion.  As we drove away from the toll booth we sat in silence not speaking almost holding our breath. We both immediately knew that Spirit had just returned our three dollars to us.

 I bet Al was a veteran!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Do Not Try This At Home"

One of the prayers that I have learned to repeat often is "What's next God?" "I'm available!"  This prayer comes with one of those "Do Not Try This At Home" disclosures.  If you want to stay busy seeing real evidence of the universal source of God, pray this prayer.  If you don't want to stay busy and have each day be something new and adventurous then you are safe not putting this message out to the universe.

Where do I begin to explain?  If you follow me on Facebook you may have noticed that Charlie and I recently returned from Maine.  While there I was in a class with 50 other Spirit Mediums from all over the US and Canada.  We were working under the instruction of John Holland.  Three days can be physically draining doing this work and at the end of the event I was ready for a nap, but Charlie met a couple and they requested I would do a reading for them.  I immediately had a reading booked and went straight into that.  I sat and read for a couple from New Hampshire.  Spirit showed me the spine and neck and up through the top of the head while reading for the man.  He confirmed he has bone cancer. I saw a green light around him which I know to be healing.  He was encouraged and replied "This is good!"   I don't have a clue why I read for those who come to me, or what it is they need, but God knows and our heavenly helpers know.

The next day was a free day for me to do anything we wanted.  Charlie drove the rental car and explored the area while I was in class so he already had ideas on what he thought I would find interesting.  Our morning started with a trip to Kennebunk, Maine.  When taking a wrong turn finding a different route thinking we were lost we happened upon a cemetery, Hope Cemetery.  We did think we were lost but we were exactly where my team of angels and guides and heavenly helpers expected us to be.  We got out and walked through the grounds.  I would spend an hour of my morning here getting grounded releasing tears of gratitude of all of those who have gone on into spirit ahead of us.  This is a historical area with many Revolutionary War grave markers.  I decided to do a walking meditation and told Charlie.  He went one way and I went another.  As I walked this path there were messages along the way as I prayed and wept in gratitude seeking guidance from above.

I took pictures of headstones along the way that were messages to me.

This first picture posted listed the woman's last dying words.  It reads "I am weary and long to rest.  They are all waiting for me and I want to go."  I took this as a message from the Divine that our loved ones do greet us and Mrs. Walker in 1866 saw them and knew they were waiting for her.

The next photo was simply the family name of "Wise".  I was praying in my walking meditation asking for guidance and was given the word "wise".

There will be more stories coming about this trip, but the main thing I want you to remember from taking time to read this blog is that there are messages along your path.  Make certain you notice them even when you think you are lost.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Messages Are Your Loved Ones Sending You

I am grieving from loosing someone I loved.  For me to be writing about loosing someone may not seem like such a shocker to you since I am a psychic medium and I speak with people all the time about connecting with those they have lost but it does come to me as somewhat of a surprise.  Let me tell you why.

 When I deliver messages from your loved ones such as details of the pet duck you had when you were a child, you are receiving confirmation that your loved ones are still around you.  Some of us are sensitive enough in order to relay the message that your grand father is here in spirit and speaking of a duck.  We do not always need mediums though to help us because there are messages for us all the time.  We just need to be sensitive enough to recognize it and not write it off to a coincidence. 

My heart is still heavy from a recent loss of mine.  As I sit and type today my eyes still fill with water, my nose drips and I can barely swallow from the tightness in my throat.  I am grieving the loss of my 55-year-old first cousin who went to sleep one night and did not wake up the next morning.  I am telling myself all the things that I tell you when you make an appointment with me about soul being eternal and the physical body giving out and that our loved ones are still with us.   It hasn’t made the tears and the sadness go away even though I believe he is sending love.

There have been many signs from heaven since Ray passed.   The day he died his sisters and I were going through pictures of all of us growing up.  The pictures were all mixed in together in a large container some pictures were in boxes, some in photo albums.  I was sitting there when I found a piece of schoolwork dated 1966 that Ray had done when he was in elementary school.  He had written, “Today is Thursday. “  (It was Thursday and he had just died that morning.)  “It is a beautiful spring day.” “The sky is blue the flowers are blooming.”  March 31 1966.   He died on Thursday and he was buried on March 31, 2014.  I felt this was a message from heaven that Ray made it to be with God.  It was too much of a coincidence to ignore.

During the funeral the minister mentioned Ray fishing with his Uncle Alton.  Alton was my Dad.  After the funeral was over, I noticed the Funeral Director from the funeral home had a name tag on and as I got closer to get a good look, his name was “Al Moore”.  My Dad was Alton Moore.  I knew my Dad was there to greet Ray as he entered into the after life. 

Ray worked for the water company.  We have lived in this little town for four years and never had our water turned off.  I woke up one morning after the funeral and we had no water.  I immediately though “Ray has been here!”  I called the city of Arnaudville and the woman told me the entire town was without water and at that time no one knew why.  I thought, “Ray your good!”  I shared this with his sister and she made me smile by saying “You’re funny!”  I felt unconditional love from that reply because we all have our own beliefs about what happens when we die yet we love each other anyway.

Friday, February 28, 2014

"Surprise Me!"

On this date I want to talk about all the many ways that Spirit can communicate with us.  I always seem to go to the recordings I do each day in preparing for my readings.  I listen because there have been occurrences of disembodied voices on the tape and some clients have reported back voices that weren’t in the room being recorded when they play their session back.

Yesterday day I had something happen to me that was most unusual.  I was writing my grandson a birthday greeting when I felt compelled to acknowledge his other grand mother on his father’s side who is deceased.  She died a couple of years ago from lung disease at an early age.  I know my grand children loved her and miss her.  So in my note to Logan I reminded him that he has two grand mothers.  One in the non-physical who I'm sure is his biggest cheerleader from the other side and sending him love.  I reminded him that just because the body gives out that we don’t stop existing.  Soul is eternal.  We send our love and I felt that “Grand” his other grand mother would want me to wish him a “Happy Birthday” from her too! 

I just recently had purchased a wind chime with a hummingbird on it.  There is only one bell on it and it is made by hand and quite small.  I placed my new purchase on the inside of the kitchen door so that it would ding when the door moved.  Charlie was leaving the house and I was walking out of the kitchen area.  As he closed the kitchen door behind him that one little bell played the first five notes to “Happy Birthday To You”.  It was as if on a piano one note at a time was touched.  It stopped me in my tracks! Turning around quickly I knew Spirit just acknowledge and was thanking me for the birthday greeting I sent to Logan from the other side from his grand mother Sharon. 

Today I am preparing for a reading and listening back to a tape as I record when I prepare for a reading.  During that reading I ask, “Is there someone here named Louise who wants to send a message?”  This bright light from behind me filled the room to where I had to close my eyes from the brilliance.  It was similar to a fluorescent light coming on flickering into full brightness.  There was no audio response on tape to my question but there was no doubt “Louise” allowed light to fill the room to where I had to close my eyes. 

I am a physical phenomena medium, but I can’t recall anything similar to each of these two separate phenomena.  I see angels all the time with my eyes closed as symbols for people when I am doing readings but I haven’t seen an angel with my eyes wide open knowing I was seeing an angelic being.  This light was what I think it would be like if an angel or God filled the room with a white light.

Never under estimate what our loved ones can do from the other side when we ask and even when we don’t.  I would encourage each of you to ask each day!  As Sonia Choquette suggests, ask your guides and angels and heavenly helpers to “Surprise me!”