Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Facebook Friend Still Active - From The Other Side

To:  Allyson Schram
A young woman I haven't met sent me this message.

Sent from my iPhone 

     Hi my name is XX. It's just crazy how I've been trying to find you for a few months now.  I had a friend who came to see you. Her name was Janet. She was going to give me your number but unfortunately that never happened. She died recently. Her daughter didn't know you. I was going to look in her mother's phone book to see if I could find something but never could.
     Funny thing is I was in her home yesterday cleaning and thinking so much about how I never got your name from her before she passed. Her daughter is selling the house and my hubby went to make repairs and I cleaned it.  We could feel my friend Janet there with us.
     Later that same day on Facebook by coincidence my husband read and loved your article.  He then shared it on FB.  I noticed immediately my friend was on your friends list!  Somehow I feel she must have heard me and my hubby talking about how I never got your name. Funny how spirit works so if you would be so kind. I am certain it was Janet that lead me to you! 
      I see your getting a lot of people wanting readings . Obviously I could use one please put me down ASAP !! If you have a cancellation I'd gladly take it last minute as well providing the time to get to you from youngsville . T.I.A.
Heavy black heart

It never ceases to amaze me the ability we have after we die.  I mean really?  She was looking for me for months.  Her friend dies who was a client of mine.  At that point she has no idea how to find me and while in her deceased friends home she and her husband were talking about me and when they get home they find me on Facebook. So Janet used Facebook to say "Here is what you were asking for!"  I really believe it is your loved ones who lead you to me.  You may think this is all about you but in my opinion it isn't about you. 

When you come to see someone who is a vehicle for messages from the other side, the purpose I believe is to do just that; receive messages! Your loved ones have a lot more to say to you in some instances than you have to say to them.  This isn't just entertainment for you to see if I can really perform. This is real spiritual work made available from the other side, or the non-physical.  

You want to hear from your loved ones?  Be ready to receive messages.  Put it out to the universe, call in your guides, your angels and your heavenly helpers.  "Ask and ye shall receive"!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Burning Down The House

Every time I sit down to write because something has hit me over the head and I can't make it go away, I think "Now I've done it!"  "Now Im in trouble!"  "This is pushing the envelope."  Not to break the pattern with this writing that is exactly how I feel right now as I sit and ask my guides to come in and give me the perfect language to tell this story.

This isn't a make believe story.  It is real.  It happened right here in my living room.

 I love my clients that just won't go away.  I realize at times that you have to have pretty thick skin to continue to come see me.  I often hear myself tell people right before I am about to say something that I don't really want to tell them , "I know you don't pay me to tell you what you want to hear,  but I believe you want what I get as messages from the non-physical."  Another thing while I am telling you some of the reasons you may not want to come see me, especially with the whole "fam damily" as my neighbor would say, is because I deliver the messages the way I get them.  Pay attention here.  I repeat "Pay attention here!"  Spirit will bust you out in front of whom ever is in the room.  If you are doing something you don't want a family member to know then don't bring them to your reading.

I had a young woman bring her grand mother for a reading.  The grand mother had a wonderful reading and felt the love of her husband and received validation from him things that no one would know.  I don't remember all of this exactly the way it went down because that reading was about a year ago plus I don't remember everyones reading anyway.

 The young woman brought her grand mother back again recently.  I talked about pain and kept seeing the spine and feeling the pain in my neck at the base of my skull.  The young woman said she had been in an accident and had surgery and was in tremendous pain.  Without any hesitation I immediately felt "medical marijuana".  I said " Spirit is showing me medical marijuana and I feel I am to encourage you to pursue treatment as it is legal now in Louisiana for medical use.  The young woman said "The last time we were here you said you continued seeing grass burning as they burn the sugarcane fields when setting them on fire."  "When we had no idea what you were talking about you just blurted out, "You guys aren't a bunch of pot heads are you?"  As I sit here and type this I throw my head back and close my eyes in embarrassment.  If you could see these people and this grand mother she is the picture of kindness and love and all things good.  For me to hear that I threw that out there makes me angry with myself and obviously the young woman had been somewhat offended as she had remembered word for word what I said.  Then she says "I have been using medical marijuana for pain relief since my accident."  Her wonderful grandmother turned and looked at her in disbelief and said "You have Susan?" (not real name)  She responded "Yes."

The grand mother then turns to me and said "Before my husband passed we were in the emergency room and the doctor asked him if he would consider using liquid marijuana."  The elder man said "I don't want nothing to do with that stuff."  I was sitting there listening to what was happening and saw a man with an upside down skillet on his head with the handle facing right above his face.  I asked is there a reason he would put a skillet or a pot on his head?  Thinking silently for a moment they both said "No."  Then I saw a pot on his head.  I asked instead of the skillet could it be a pot like you would cook in on his head... nothing but silence.  The we all said at the same time "Is he saying "pot head"?   Laughing together the young woman said Poppa is really here Nana.

I felt the message was that he was in great pain with his illness and even the doctor offered relief through liquid marijuana and he refused.  Now he is referencing the use of marijuana and the grand daughter was brave enough and strong enough in character to admit in front of her grand mother that it was something she had sought for help.  It was through her deceased grand father that he was bringing this forward.  I am sure they have figured this out and have continued to work on the message but I believe he was giving her permission and sending all of his love and support.

It is with great honor, gratitude and grace that I am humbled to tell this story.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Paris Event

My church upbringing was Southern Baptist. They don't teach that there is any reason to pray for souls once they have died. As a woman who is a vehicle for communication from the non-physical I can tell you that it is needed to pray for those whose life in their body was taken from them suddenly. Soul has memory. I know from doing readings for hundreds of people that the dead will visit me when their loved ones come for a reading and say "What happened?" Upon exiting the body so quickly when death comes unexpectedly we are confused and aren't sure what just happened, even after death.

Just this week I did a phone reading for a woman who had a family member who was declared brain dead and died a couple of days later. My task of course was to connect with the deceased. The family member who died showed me a crop duster air plane, or a small engine aircraft. The client receiving the reading said "There had been a small plane crash outside of her hospital window in a near by field, but she was brain dead!" Was she? Ok I totally believe clinically she was. One thing that is important in my opinion that we need to know is that our spirit can do much more than our physical body can. Her heart may have been beating but her soul had made its exit and she knew exactly what was going on. I see this all the time. The dead show me where people were standing around the bed, where loved ones were in the bed with them, I can describe all sorts of things that the deceased show me. Its not all over people when the heart stops. Actually it is never over. I teach there is no such thing as death. The physical body gives out but soul has memory and soul is eternal.

I know that it is true when God says "I know every hair on your head." God does know and there is grief when just one of us have our life taken from us. I know this because I had been telling Charlie I am really grieving something terrible is going to happen. I feel it is with the earth because it feels that so many lives are lost. I know we can think in terms of great loss being in the tens of thousands of bodies but I can tell you that isn't true. Great loss is when one life is taken.

What I am feeling for those who left their bodies in Paris is confusion for they did not see it coming. There are land imprints of physical events such as the civil war and battle fields when soldiers souls are still waiting for someone to come and help them with their wounds. I believe that because I have seen it and felt it and known the brook of water where the bodies were still laying.

There is much material here I could cover regarding what I believe to be true, but I want to cut this short and say "Pray for the souls that made an exit from their bodies." "Pray peace love acceptance and healing." Pray not for just the family and loved ones left behind to deal with this tragedy but pray for the souls whose lives were taken. We still need to heal as we go on to be with God.

I love you all.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

What's In YOUR Wallet?

The first time you come to see me I will explain to you how I work.  I tell you that I will deliver the message the way I see or hear it.  I cannot make the word "Keith" sound like "Kevin".  If I hear a sound like "key" I won't go to a "Kev" sound.  I do not mold what I hear and see into what you want it to mean.  If you can't claim it I will move on but I do not make it what you want it to be. 

There is a story I tell that most of you have heard about Spirit showing me a turkey.  I was doing a reading for a woman.  I saw a raw turkey going into the oven.  I saw a browned turkey coming out of the oven.  I said the word "turkey" to her every way I knew how.  She told me she didn't cook.  She told me she was a vegetarian.  She said "No." every way she knew how.  I just quit.  Obviously we weren't going anywhere with the turkey.  As she was leaving she was putting on her coat and she said "I've been traveling a lot lately."  "I just returned from visiting the country of Turkey."  I wanted to kill her.  I could not believe that she did not connect that but I was talking about food when it was the  geographical location.  This has been my "go to" story when I explain I can misinterpret what Spirit is telling me.

As of yesterday I have a new example.  My symbol for a new baby coming is a sonogram.  Spirit shows me a sonogram and I talk about a pregnancy.  Yesterday I continue to see a sonogram and knew the sonogram was a boy.  "There is a baby boy coming" I speak out loud.  The client sat stunned and said in total disgust "I have two boys and they are not having babies any time soon!"  I said "How old are they?"  She said "Sixteen and nineteen."  I then saw a man.  I described his body type and his hair line. I told her he had a 32 inch inseam.  I described what he was wearing.  I could see his hands as I was telling my client that he was a handy man and had calloused fingers.  She replied "That is my husband."  Without being politically correct I blurted out "Is he dead?"  She said "Yes."  I said "Well it is the boy that looks the most like your husband."  She insisted that her sons were not going to be having children.  I said "Okay lets move on from the sonogram."

  I couldn't understand why her husband would not talk to me or give me his name or any information on himself.  She responded by telling me that he did not believe in Mediums.  I'm like, "Okay well now he is showing me a purse."  Her friend had come along with her in her reading and she was the only one with a purse in the room.  She held up her purse and said "Is it like this?"  I said "no."   It is an over the shoulder bag that is one piece with a square bottom.  My client said "Well that is my purse you are describing."  At this point I was clueless.  I described her husband perfectly.  He showed me her purse and he was showing me a picture of a sonogram.  The only thing my client could focus on was that her boys were not getting pregnant no way no how.

  At this point I just wanted this reading to be over.  My problem was this client wasn't leaving because she had spoken to her husband out loud in the car and asked that he show up and bring a message to her.  She said immediately after her asking him for a message, the song "I've Got To Get A Message To You" came on the car radio.  She knew this was no coincidence and he had a message for her.

I had nothing else.  I was done.  They were leaving and she said "WAIT!"  "A couple of weeks ago I was going though my purse and in my wallet was a folded up picture of my son's sonogram."  "I came across it!" She went on to say it had been in her wallet for 19 years. "Could that be what my husband is referring to?" she asked me.  She quickly stopped and started rummaging through her purse and pulled it out of her wallet and handed it to me.  She said  "Just a couple of weeks ago I found it and showed it to my son for the first time."  She said that she told her son "See this is the very first picture of you!"  

There are so many things about this that I can't believe.  First of all that someone has had the same wallet for 19 years and secondly they have been carrying around a sonogram picture not knowing it was in their wallet.  I honestly know I am still more baffled about this than she was.  

I have been so traumatized that from now on if Spirit shows me anything about a sonogram I may ask, "Have you recently looked in your wallet to see if you have a sonogram in your purse?"  The message from her husband was that he was there the moment she pulled that sonogram out and showed it to their 19 year old son for the first time!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Don't Think Your Loved Ones Don't Know

This post was on a grandmother's Facebook today for her grandsons who died a tragic early death.

"Happy 8th Birthday Brayden! Harlynn and I sang happy birthday to you this morning, we love you and miss you and Landon sooooo much, wish you were here and we could celebrate it together. We will sending balloons to you both tonight."

It reminded me of something that just happened here at my home a couple of days ago that made me totally aware of how our loved ones know what we do for them,  and how we send love once they are gone.

We live near a cemetery.  There are a few thousand graves there.  My husband being a mortician and funeral director seems to spend an unusual amount of time walking through the cemetery for his daily exercise.  He notices just about everything that happens there with the up-keep and new graves and funerals that go on.  He had noticed a young mother working on her son's grave and the difficulty she was having with solar powered lights she installed.  Time and time again Charlie would see her there struggling getting these lights to come on.  I'm not sure what Charlie did to enhance this project but he took it upon himself to make these lights work.  He did this without asking or telling her he was going to help her.  One day he spotted her in the cemetery at her son's grave and he said to me "I'm going to walk over there and tell her I was the one that fixed the lights."  I said "I think that is a good idea."  Nothing more has been discussed regarding the lights or Charlie's visit with her that day except him telling me she was appreciative.

Our grand daughter has moved in with us recently.  She too is a medium and very psychic.  I woke up the night of the 28th of August with someone standing in my door of our bed room.  Thinking it was Cait I was checking to see if she needed something.  I got up and no one was there.  I went back to bed for this to continue to happen.  I realized it was someone in spirit.  The odd thing is that out of respect it seemed, the energy I was seeing and feeling would not walk into my bedroom.  That is not the usual behavior of any spirit activity I was familiar with in the past.  I was about to tell Cait and Charlie about this when Cait interrupted with "Wait!" "Before you go any further let me tell you what was happening last night in my room." She said "I kept waking up to see someone standing at the doorway."  

On the morning of the 29th of August Charlie came in the house opening the door saying "Look what was in our fig tree."  He was holding a Chinese flying lantern.  On it was written " To Brodie in Heaven."  "XOXOXO"  "We love you" was written inside of the drawing of a cross.  When he held it up I asked, "Brodie?"  "That is the name of the young man whose grave you worked on!"  He took off in a hurry closing the door behind him!  I knew he was off to the cemetery to see the name on the headstone where he had worked on the lights. Opening the kitchen door he said "Brodie!"  "It was Brodie!"  He was excited to validate it was indeed the same name.    

From the dates on the head stone August 28th was Brodie's birthday.  That was the evening Cait and I both witnessed a figure of someone appearing in the doorway of each of our rooms.  The next morning was the morning Charlie came inside with the lantern that was left for us.

 Of all the many graves in the Arnaudville cemetery, Charlie works on only one.  There is a lantern release for the deceased of that grave and of all the many homes and businesses in the community, the wind places it at our house .  I believe it was the spirit of Brodie giving us his love while saying "I know what you did for me."  I often tell my clients it isn't them who find me, but it is their loved ones who lead them here.

Monday, June 1, 2015

A Friends Love - And Wear Good Shoes

When I greet people at my door coming for a reading it isn't unusual that I experience goosebumps or a surge of electricity through my body when my guest enters.  This alerts me that they are accompanied by one of their loved ones in Spirit.  I may not always see the non-physical but I feel the energy.

This day a beautiful innocent young girl with a back-pack arrived.  Her mother had made the appointment for her.  It was her birthday and more than anything she had been wanting a reading.  When she entered I became a bit dizzy or what I imagine it may feel like if I entered a vortex.  Most young people coming to see me don't know a lot of dead people and can't validate the names that may come through for them.  I knew I was in for a wild ride with this sweet girl.

The first thing I hear was "Mississippi".  Then I got the letter "G".  A male showed me his long skinny legs lying on a table.  He was barefoot and wearing straight legged jeans.  I could tell from what I was seeing he was lying on a table in a morgue or prep room for embalming.  He was looking down on his body and I was seeing through his eyes.  I felt a sense of "I can't believe this!"  During this reading I saw a steering wheel and knew there was a car I was suppose to speak of but was not seeing a wreck.  From what my client said he did not die from a car accident.  I saw vertebra and the disc in his upper back and neck.  There was a back injury.

 This young man from what I learned was a student at Ole Miss.  Her best friend.  I asked if he was gay.  She laughed really big but never said if he was or not.  He was not the typical alpha male.  He loved  life and seemed to be the life of the party. He was not someone you would see driving a truck or wearing camouflage.  Knowing when hunting season was would not be a part of his interest.  I can't remember his name because she said "We called him G." Exactly what he showed me was the letter "G".

 He was so excited to come through.  He wanted to get through to his mother and sister who live in Tennessee.  I kept feeling something touch my knee and my ankle which usually is an animal in spirit brushing up against me, so I said "Did he have a dog?"  Of course he had a dog, and this dog was so special some of her friends and she have made the trip to his home in Tennessee from Ole Miss to visit with his dog. He was sending love and acknowledging his dog.

The main message he had was that to him his death was shocking and unintentional.  He had been given a script for pain because of his back and neck injury and simply lying in bed recovering and not being fully aware of when he took his last medication, his heart slowed to the point of death from an overdose.  He did not kill himself.  She said everyone knew that.

As a sensitive it was my first to feel someone so strongly from the other side it felt as if someone put me in the washing machine on the spin cycle.  Beware of how you feel, and know there is a reason for it.  Open your heart and receive messages from those who desperately have something to tell you.  Let me make it clear however.  I have been doing this work for years, and as far as I can remember  never had anyone been so present I felt like I was going to spin off like a bottle rocket.

Receiving messages from the non-physical is a miracle and a gift from heaven.  The messages come in different degrees of intensity.  Send love and talk to those you miss.  I feel that once we die, we still have the ability to send love.  Someone recently said to me, "I don't believe that because in heaven there is no sadness and if we still stay connected there would be sadness."  I have a feeling being out of the physical body and into a spiritual plane there is love and the desire to heal the soul.  I also believe we help our loved ones heal by receiving those messages, and working on our own love, grief and forgiveness.

But that's just from standing in my shoes.  By the way - I sure do see a lot of shoes from the other side.  Just a bit of advice from a Medium, "Wear shoes that make you happy."

Saturday, January 31, 2015

How Does This Stuff Happen

      I was standing at the stove making an omelette this morning when a song came on that I had forgotten about.  It was a song by Cindy Campo that I obviously at some point in the past 5 years downloaded.  The song is "Every Once In A While".  If you would like to go and hear this song please know there are other songs with totally different lyrics with this title, so make certain if you google the lyrics you include the name of the artist.  I am placing a link here to the video where she sings it on You Tube. You will have to cut and paste this link to get there.  This is a song for anyone who has ever lost someone they love.  The lyrics speaks of all the many ways that our loved ones send messages to us.


     So this song is playing while Im preparing my omelette with the eggs and tomatoes along with a hand toss of fresh spinach.  We buy the baby spinach leaves at SAMS and use it in as many ways as we can come up with to build it into our diet.  When the dish was complete, I grabbed a plate placing the plate on top of the skillet and turned the cooked ingredients upside down onto my plate.  I placed the plate on the table getting other things in order and sat down to eat.  I had been in deep thought being alone and listening to music that inspires me.  A song about how our loved ones send messages is definitely a song of inspiration.

     With my plate in front of me while eating I noticed this perfect piece of clover off to the side of my plate as if someone had garnished my plate with a piece of clover.  When you are starting your day and are coming out a quiet fog, things don't necessarily grab your attention as if you were fully aware.  While listening appreciating this song about messages I realize there is a beautiful piece of clover with three perfect heart shaped leaves to the side of my plate.

     I thought I would take a moment to "Thank" who sent me the lovely clover, and remind all of you to continue to look for messages.  Those whose time is up here on earth and they are no longer physically present are sending you messages of love.  They are still with you on the other side!