Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Baby Showed Heroic Faith Hope and Love

Over and over every day I teach there is no such thing as death.  I do so because it is what I know to be my truth.  I hear from the deceased.  I see them. I can feel how they suffered and they let me know what brought them joy.  This is evident in all of the many ready readings I have done.  It took Victoria Lynn to teach me I was right.

I had a family of a little girl contact me wanting me to give them information on their child.  I tapped into her energy and even though she was a toddler I saw her with braces on her legs.  The family validated that in her short life, she has had braces on her legs. When I saw her she was walking with crutches, wearing braces on her legs.  While on the phone with the family I immediately felt the loving energy of Charlene Marie Richard. The grandmother validated they had indeed placed a prayer card in memory of Charlene under their baby's pillow the day before.

 Charlene Richard was born January 13, 1947. After being diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia she died on August 11, 1959 at the age of 12.  During her confinement in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana Charlene would offer her prayers and suffering to God each day for the benefit of others. "She was a faith-filled little girl." said Father Joseph Brennan, a priest for the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana who was serving as hospital chaplain and ministered to Charlene during her final days.  "I see Charlene as a witness for people of all ages to the power of resignation and acceptance of God's will." said Father Brennan.  "She was't different in any way except that when the crisis came in her life - and it came very early - she accepted it with faith and trust and love."

The grandmother of Victoria Lynn told me that EVERYBODY in the hospital knew Victoria Lynn. "Victoria drew people to her." she said.  I am so amazed with Victoria's life.  She went through more pain and suffering than any of us could imagine. When in the womb Victoria's mother was told her baby's spine was not connected to the brainstem.  When Victoria was born her spine and brain stem were perfectly attached and the doctors called it a miracle.   The doctors told the family Victoria would have Down Syndrome but that wasn't the case either.  You may read about Victoria's struggles on a Facebook page called "Prayers for Victoria Lynn".

On many occasions she went into cardiac arrest and always came back to life smiling.  Once her heart stopped and the family rushed her to the ER where the staff while weighing her took their time with this deceased infant.  A doctor came in picked her up and took her to another room and preformed CPR on her. Her grandmother said "She woke up giggling." "Thats just who Victoria is!"  She continues to beat all odds.  She is a miracle baby.

As I spoke with this family and prayed and meditated and asked for answers I was able to tap right into her energy.  The family would validate the things I saw and the people in spirit who were standing by.  Not once did my guides ever make me feel or believe that Victoria was going to die.  I saw a bottle of champagne being uncorked meaning to me it was time to celebrate. The symbols were always about hope and joy and love.  I saw Jesus and angels in her room, but I was thinking they were on standby.  They were fully present.  How could I continue to believe that Victoria's little soul was not going to exit her body when science said otherwise?  I don't use my head or overthink this I go with my higher self.  I promised that grandmother I didn't believe Victoria would leave, but she did. Victoria got out of her painful body the afternoon I was shown a bottle of champagne.

This morning when I woke up I saw Victoria sitting up in the lap of a woman. The baby wasn't smiling or giggling but simply looking around and appeared perfectly content.  Her skin color was normal and her features were smaller.  I am thinking she was less swollen than the way she looked in the pictures. The woman had on a necklace or a chain that the baby was playing with.  I did not see the woman's face.  During the time Victoria was alive I kept hearing "Maw Maw".  I assumed that was the grandmother but was told "No." "Maw Maw was the great grandmother."  I believe it was Maw Maw I saw holding Victoria Lynn this morning.

Just as Charlene Richard showed heroic faith, hope and love while her body was dying so did Victoria Lynn Landry.  I know that Victoria Lynn wasn't from this planet or was a special angel from God, or a saint or something beyond "normal".  What Victoria has taught me, which may be a number of things I'm just unaware of right now, but the one thing is that I have one symbol for death.  It is a shovel.  I did see a shovel but it was always standing up when reading for Victoria.  It wasn't turned over like I see it when a death has passed and it wasn't up like we were getting reading to dig as if to say a death is coming. The shovel was standing straight up.  I just did not feel she was going anywhere and gave false hope to the family.  My heart is broken but what Victoria has taught me is that she isn't gone, she is just out of her body.  Soul is eternal and for that we need to celebrate.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Which Ship Are You On

There are about a Godzilla million reasons to say "God save us."  That is easy and logical at this time, especially just celebrating Easter.  I struggle with to want to give up.  The work is the journey.  We are on the cruise ship of life sailing to who knows where.  There are a million risks.  I think most of our cruises are on the boat with the Skipper and Gilligan, but what we need to work for is our cruise to be on the Good Ship Lolly Pop.  Every day we need to stop and comfort ourselves with "This too shall pass."

I wake each morning and scan the atmosphere.  I can feel if it's all clear in my energy field which includes my children and grand children and my bank account.  I learned to start each day by checking my bank account to see if there are any surprises that I failed to recognize.  I was reviewing my back account in detail this morning, when Spirit said to me "Call an ambulance."  I rolled my eyes and said out loud "Yes a financial ambulance."  I also picked up my phone and called Charlie to check on him in case he needed an ambulance.  My point in this is that my guides have a sense of humor.  It is so important that we maintain a sense of humor.  There are times there is NOTHING to laugh about, but if we lose our ability to laugh we lose everything.

My symbol for joy when I am reading or in trance is an ice-cream cone. If it is upside down then I know there isn't so much joy in that persons life.  I can sit here and start with the last person I spent time with and just review the lives of others.  Foreclosure and being on the street by Friday, newly discovered ST D's from a cheating boyfriend, gosh now you see why God takes away my ability to remember?  I step into the energies each and every day.  The sexual abuse of a child and the child's detailed memory of the abuse and quoting what the abuser said to her to make it a game.  I am sickened.  Now you see why I feel death is the reward?  Going to be with God and getting out of these bodies that house the soul is the completion of wisdom.

So many of us missed and dreamt of family members this past Easter Sunday, but the homecoming event and love was on the other side.  I love you guys but we have to quit the pity party and realize we are grieving over the souls of the ones we loved the most who are finally in a much better place than they are if they were here with you.  They completed their journey.  Now it is time for us to put on our big girl panties or boxer briefs every day and complete our mission by free style each day and move on.  Our loved ones are happy and will be with us in spirit and and will send protection and hear our prayers.  It is up to us to beat the loneliness and look up at the milky way and wait on the apocalypse and see if it will happen.

God allows me to have the ability to see symbols and hear messages.  I will continue to share those with you when you book readings with me.  The majority of my readings are on the phone now.  I want to hear from you and step into your energy and read for each of you.  You must go to my website www.southernmedium.com and book it yourself.  I will record the reading and email it to you when we are through.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Come Clean With The Deceased

There is one thing I know for sure.  I don’t have all this figured out yet about what happens when we die.  I read for people every day who are wanting to hear from their loved ones and receive validation.  People realize that their loved ones are still connected to them once their soul exited the body.  I heard myself say yesterday “I don’t have a direct line to heaven.”  Then I felt uncomfortable immediately with the words I just spoke and quickly followed with “Well maybe I do.”  I do spend each day asking to hear from different loved ones of all nationalities from all over the world and even though there may have been a language difference in the body while on the planet it doesn’t seem to be a problem after death.  Soul language is a language of feeling.  It is a knowing that does not require words.  I do hear and am clairaudient . The only language I speak is English, but I also do a lot of “sounds like…” and then phonetically I will pronounce what I am hearing. 

I am saying all of this about how those in spirit communicate.  Let me tell you about how they don’t communicate with me and what I have learned.  When I ask to step into the energy of a specific person for a client that has booked an appointment the first thing I do is call in my guides, my angels and heavenly helpers and ask them to bring through the messages for this person.  When I sit and pray and meditate receiving close to a blank screen, I know there is something amiss.  I have learned through thousands of readings that we have a problem when I get nothing.  Through faith I have learned I don’t have a problem, but there is a problem in the relationship between the deceased and the loved one coming for the appointment. I can step into that persons energy and know things or receive information I thank God that this is something I am now at ease about and no longer beat myself up over.  If there are unspoken words from a quarrel or disagreement that happened between two people and one of them died, from what I have learned it is going to stay that way in some cases until we work those feelings of unresolved hurt and anger out.  By working it out I mean asking for forgiveness from the other side.  When we ask forgiveness from God, we need to know first of all we have gone within and forgiven ourselves for what ever we may be carrying around in a form of guilt and shame.  Then thirdly we need to speak to that person on the other side and literally talk it out.  I mean sit down and have a conversation with your loved one as if they were still here.  I consider this spiritual work that is allowed in order for spiritual growth to occur.  I do believe that when we die that our soul carries memory.  I believe that includes the good and the bad.  God gives us an opportunity to work that out even after we die. 

Yesterday I had a man come to see me.  He wasn’t up front with me from the moment he booked the appointment.  I happened to answer the phone when he first called, and from the moment I heard his voice I instantly handed the phone off to my son.  I didn’t like the vibration of his voice.  Then after he books my son tells me that the man wasn’t comfortable booking through our regular booking system on line, and wasn’t going to secure his time through PayPal.  I knew there was a needle in the haystack here.  I allowed him to book anyway with me not feeling good about it from the beginning. 

My children and my grandchildren are very psychic.  I was texting with my grand daughter Cait the day of his appointment.  I told her I had an appointment soon and had to go.  She sent me a text back and said “Nana please get your money up front because I feel as though he isn’t going to pay you.”  There were other texts from her even saying “…do it for me and ask to be paid up front.”  I never ask for money up front because I want to be certain I did my job and I am not going to take money from anyone if I feel they have not benefitted from the reading.

 It takes my breath away right now thinking of people whose intent is not good.  They will not have a good reading because my guides and angels will not allow messages to come through.  There has to be an equal exchange of energy in order for one to receive what they are looking for.  It isn’t because I am so brilliant or such a wonderful mystic, but simply we are dealing with God here.  This information doesn’t come from me.  If you come into to my energy wanting to receive a message or healing, you better come with an open heart and willing to shed a few tears and do the work that needs to be done, otherwise you are flushing your time and money down the toilet.  Your loved ones will not come forward front and center if there is still anger, or unresolved bitterness or ill intent on your part.  I don’t know if it is a form of protection for me, so I don’t get hit will all of that, or if it because there is no resolve. 

One of my dearest friends was the HR Director for a very famous Psychic Hotline for phone readings.  She recently told me how glad she was that I never went to work for them doing readings over the phone. I had turned down a position recruiting and screening psychics seeking employment with them in a region of the South Eastern United States. She stated that it was unbelievable the high rate number of mediums that had died from cancer. 

I knew that as I sat there in front of the man who arrived an hour late, the man I didn’t want to read for from the beginning, the man that my 18 year old grand daughter who lives a thousand miles away told me up front before he arrived he wasn’t going to pay me, that it was a bad experience.  He said “No” to everything.  I knew I wasn’t going to take his money.  At the end of the hour he started validating so much of what he had said “No” to.  I am reminded of the television star Mr. T with all the gold necklaces and the Mohawk hair cut that made the line famous “I pity the fool…”.  I pity the fool that comes in and plays games with the nonphysical.

What I do know for sure is that he needed to hear from his Dad.  I had spent a lot of time telling him there was unresolved issues that were important to him and we needed to go directly to those issues and speak to his Dad about them.  His Dad came through wearing a fedora hat.  My client admitted at the end of the visit that he did have unspoken words of emotional upset and discord that should be shared, however the client had lied to me the entire time of his visit.  He wasn’t going to come clean now with his Dad so he shifted gears.  He then went on to ask me questions about should he sell his house and a number of other things regarding money.  I patiently answered his questions and after an hour and a half of “getting no where” in his words I kindly walked him out.  I apologized we didn’t accomplish all that he had hoped to accomplish.   There was no money exchanged.  Standing at the door he asked “You don’t want anything?”  I said “I just want you to be happy.”  He walked away and I closed the door.

My intent in writing this was to say “Do not play games with God.”  You may play games with me and use my time that I allow you to use, but please open your heart and be ready to do the work that needs to be done when you are thinking you want messages from your loved ones.  This is a healing work.  I have had counselors tell me that I accomplished more in two hours than they had in two years.  Once again this isn’t about me, but it is about you.  Your loved ones are ready, willing and able to communicate with you when you are ready. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thanksgiving Beyond the Grave-y

The dancing aroma of food cooking always calls in someone well known from long ago or a close association.  I am sitting back in my bedroom and my son is cooking a roux from scratch.  The food aroma moves though out the house making me think of my mother and probably how shocked she might be that her grandson who grew up in her kitchen would be making a roux like some kids would make themselves a glass of chocolate milk.  I can’t see the aroma but I can smell it and it is familiar.  I imagine there are layers of the cooking on many levels that isn’t just from the pot to my nose or the pot to my mouth.  The food cooking is energy. The food exists on a spirit level in the non-physical.  This is evoking my memory of souls past summoning them in. 

Daddy would go shrimping and bring in a big catch of shrimp and crab and flounder from the waters of Mobile Bay.  I swore when I was looking for a husband one the first questions I would ask was “Do you fish or hunt?”  If the answer was “Yes” I was to turn and walk away.  As a child growing up I had all of the slimly fishy water, shrimp heads and deer blood I cared to exist with ever.  When I did get married and looked in the freezer I was completely clueless what to do with hamburger meat.  I had a bold shocking reality of how the mess Daddy made bringing all of that wildlife into the kitchen that was such a pain to clean up, went into the freezer and the role it in played in my culinary basic training.

Now I know that food travels with us into the afterlife. When we die soul exits the body. Your body is a temporary vessel that houses the soul as we have this physical life experience. It is very similar to taking off a glove.  Soul is who we are.  Soul is eternal.  Soul has memory.  You are not your body.  Knowing that soul has memory I want you to know that not only the people we love remain important to us, but so do the other things we love like roast rice and gravy.  One soul allowed me to see and smell the most wonderful fried chicken ever.  I am a conduit for the non-physical and deliver messages to our loved ones who remain here on the planet.  I am much like a pizza delivery guy, but I am delivering messages phoned in from your dead loved ones and believe me there are a lot of messages about food.  I have a symbol for diabetics and I see that one frequently too.  Recently one soul showed me Little Debbie snack cakes, but it was the oatmeal crème pies.  I delivered that message and one of the children in the family I was reading for said “Grand ma loved those!”  “We would take her a big box of those every time we went to see her!”

Now that I have convinced you that food is important to your loved ones, and if I haven’t you should go to my website southernmedium.com.  There are many storie encouraging you to remember your deceased loved ones on special occasions such as their birthday.  Just because you can’t see your loved ones any longer doesn’t mean you “lost” them.  They are still near.  Believe it or not it is true.  We still want to be recognized and remembered even after death.

This Thanksgiving set a place at the table for your loved ones who are no longer in their body.  When you pray before dinner thank God for your ancestors who have gone on ahead of you.  One place at the table will be appreciated for all of your loved ones and great memories from Thanksgivings past.  We fill our Thanksgiving table with friends and loved ones so lets include the ones we never stop feeling the loss of during the holidays.  They can’t be with us in the body but they are very much with us in spirit.  Those that have died leaving the earth leave us with an empty spot in our hearts.  Help fill that spot by giving them a seat at the table and remember they are still with you. 

Thanksgiving is about gratitude.  Place many pictures around and share funny stories.  Bring out their favorite hat or even boots.  Be thankful for how they enriched your life.  By doing this you are honoring them and they will be attracted to you by your thoughts and kindness.  Those who you cared for as they were dying will show me a symbol that means “Thank you for what you did for me.”  Gratitude and giving thanks follows us beyond the grave.

The following are typical questions I am usually asked when encouraging people to set a place at the table on a special occasion for a loved one.

1.“Does Aunt Gilda still hate that I use margarine instead of butter?”    
If Aunt Gilda cared then she probably still cares now however I don’t think it means two cents to her what you use, the fact that you remember she wanted you to use butter is what means the most to her.  I personally agree with Aunt Gilda, go for the butter.

2. Do I need to actually put food at the empty seat?     
The purpose of the place setting is to include and remember them.  I would place food on the plate.  If they have leftovers I would eat those too. (Just saying!)

3. How do I know they are with me at my house and not at my bitch first cousins house?    
 When you summons your loved ones with food they may show up at the home of the better cook.  All of this is about energy and love and gratitude. Calling your first cousin a bitch causes the living and dead to want to run.

4.  We didn’t say nice things to each other when they were living.  Does this matter?  
  I have noticed when there is tension between a deceased loved one and the living, the deceased will show up but keep their distance.  You must talk it out even when the one you were at odds with is in the non-physical.  This will encourage forgiveness which is a necessity in moving on spiritually.

5.  They hated my spouse.  Will this stop them from coming?     No.  I can tell you however people are always surprised to see how many mother in laws show up at their readings.  When we pass and have a full life review I believe we are shown how we made other people feel.  In laws are a lot of times the first ones to come though even if there has been a divorce, because once again this is about asking for forgiveness and sending love and gratitude. (I don’t make this stuff up people.)

6.  I don’t have an actual empty seat.  What can I do?  
  Invite them in any way, and make certain you speak of them during your meal bringing attention to the fact you made your stuffing the exact same way your Mother did.  Tell one of your guest he is sharing his seat.

7.  I’ve never done this before, are they going to be mad it took me so long to honor them?
 No.  The time line on the other side is not the same as what we see and understand as a linear time line here.

8.  My family thinks this is dumb.  How can I make them believe our loved ones are still here?

 You will never be able to influence another persons belief system until it is their time to open their heart and feel their loved ones near. You are only held accountable for your own beliefs.  Also keep in mind, “You can’t fix stupid.”

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Psychic Medium States "Money Does Fall From The Sky"

Some days you wake up and you just know it is a day that you have a lot of work to do.  I woke up this morning and heard "Sylvia".  The only Sylvia I know is the famous psychic medium Sylvia Browne.   She has been deceased a few years now.  That is why later in the day when I saw a woman in Louisiana had made multiple attempts to contact me I wasn't surprise that I found myself reaching for one of Sylvia's books.

The client told me she read on Facebook where I was coming to Louisiana and wanted to see me.  She had been thinking about me yesterday, called and left me a message and then something really weird happened today so she called back again today.  She went on to tell me this story.

 "I am taking care of a house that my bother in law and his wife owned."  She was telling me that the house is completely empty and "There is not a stick of furniture in it." she said.   She described rooms with no furniture at all and her being completely alone in the house while mopping the floors.  She was almost through making her way to the door when she heard something hit the floor.  She turned around and in the middle of the room was a shiny dime.  She said "Miss Allyson I just got through mopping that floor." "There was no dime there, besides I just heard it fall and hit the floor."  She said "I have to be honest with you this kind of creeped me out."  She said "I picked up my purse went over picked up the dime and got out of there."

This is when Sylvia comes in.  I have a book entitled "Phenomenon" "Everything You Need to Know About the Paranormal" written by the famous psychic medium.  That is my go to book when I need to give a definition to something that I don't know how to explain.  I did know what this was however.  This wasn't my first experience with this activity.  I was in a seance once at a Spiritualist Church Camp in Roanoke, VA  for mediumship when a coin first appeared dropping from mid air. I knew the explanation I was about to read was going to sum up what this was about.

     Sylvia writes, "The spirit world can and does manipulate physical objects here on earth in some marvelous, dramatic ways, often transporting them through space and seemingly impenetrable barriers so that they appear in places we would swear they can't possibly be.  That wonderful manipulation is called aport or apportation.  
     Sadly, infuriatingly and or unfairly, the spirit world isn't always given the credit it deserves for apportation.  Most often, we frantically search for any earthly explanation, no matter how idiotic, when even a glaring example of an aport occurs-absent-mindedness, carelessness, burglars with a sudden attack of conscience, anything but the simple truth that the spirit world tries in countless ways to get our attention and let us know they're with us."

My client asked me if I had ever experienced anything like this before.  Other than the seance there was a Mother and her teenage daughter who came to see me here in Florida.  There was a story about coins, and how the teenager was always finding coins.  I remember seeing Abraham Lincoln and knowing I was looking at a penny.  The teenager was wearing shorts and when she stood up there was one penny laying on the red leather love seat she and her mother were sitting on during the reading.  The Mother's purse was on the floor and the young girl had no purse or money.  I pay attention to my room before a reading and I can tell you there was no penny on that sofa when they sat down.

The woman who had this experience with the dime said that the day before she had been at the cemetery cleaning up and placing flowers on her parents grave.  I found this odd only because I jumped up yesterday morning and told my family, "Get dressed we are going to the cemetery."  I felt an urgent need to go visit my son's grandmother who is buried here in St. Augustine.  I've never done this before because it was my (one of my) ex-mother in law.  I loved her but I divorced her son almost 35 years ago.  When Natalie and I got there we found police tape blocking the entrance to the cemetery.  There were downed trees from hurricane Matthew and fallen branches and debris everywhere.  Head stones were turned over and broken.  It was a mess!  Natalie knew where Mrs. Capallia was buried so we parked the car and walked there. We stayed for an hour or so with me speaking love over my family and all the ones who we have loved.  I spoke peace to all of the souls who may have been troubled over the destruction of their final resting place. We picked up sticks and debris, replaced an American flag at the grave of a  World War I soldier saying "Thank you sir." and straightened flowers blown over.  I've said this before and I will say it again.  I know your loved ones appreciate and know when you honor them and visit their grave.  You do not have to go to where people are buried to speak to them for them to hear you, but when you do I know it is noticed as I believe the dime came from the loved ones whose graves she had tended to the previous day.

 As I was telling this story I started hearing messages that she has validated for me.  She wasn't sure who brought her the dime but now she too believes indeed her brother and her father were coming through and gifted her with the dime, showing their gratitude for the work she does in their memory.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Mary Had A Little Lamb"

How do I know so much about you, your family, loved ones and those who have passed on? I don’t. Praying for you by name allows me to step into your energy and receive messages from those who have passed on. I am a vehicle for messages from the nonphysical.  I used to be so concerned about getting it right that I spent hours in prayer and meditation for just one person, begging God for the words to speak. I finally realized the words didn’t come from me and was able to stop being fearful of being wrong. This allowed me to simply focus on what messages were coming through and share with you.

  In the earlier years, when booking a reading, I wanted names at birth and birthdates because I used numerology as my oracle. I love numerology and find it fascinating and easy to learn. I still teach it to my children and grandchildren. No longer do I need dates of birth since my way of gathering messages has changed. I’ve learned so much over the years and have found a clear and open mind with simply a name allows the energy to flow best. I don’t ask your birthday unless I believe you are also a mystic and want to see if that shows in your numbers.  I can also look at compatibly though birthdates in relationship work.

This blog of mine is to let you in on a secret: the information and messages I pass on to you are not generated from me. I choose to know nothing about you prior to a reading and don’t even see your face during a reading, as I wear a blindfold. I receive a download of info from my team appointed by God and that is what I pass on to you.  I’m not bogged down with needing to think of something witty or profound to say to you. The messages simply travel through me to get to you.  Let me give you some recent examples of what I mean.

A client in Louisiana booked on line for a phone reading.  She used her name, Gloria, and phone number as a point of contact. Unbeknownst to me at the time, in the “NOTES” section of the online form, she indicated she had booked the reading for a friend, Holly and gave Holly’s phone number.  I spent thirty minutes getting ready for Gloria’s reading.  It wasn’t until I called to begin the reading, using the number stated, that I saw the reading wasn’t for Gloria at all but was for Holly.  I explained my mistake to Holly and told her any messages may not be for her because I was asking for messages for Gloria.  Suggesting we continue the reading (I have learned that my guides know who is coming to a reading even when I don’t) I delivered the messages I assumed I had been given for Gloria. The reading was exactly for whom it was to be - Holly. She validated things specific to her life that brought her to tears.

There was another similar situation this week when I received a thank you letter from a woman who booked a reading, hoping her friend would join her.  Her friend wasn’t agreeable to meet with me. However,  the information she was seeking for her friend was delivered, and healing messages were received.  I am including the letter here.

Hey Allyson,
Just wanted to say it was so nice meeting you and thank you for the time we spent together. I had no expectations what so ever when I came to see you. I was drawn to you I believe because of my friend Lori whom I discussed with you, about maybe giving her some advice. I now know why you were seeing and speaking with some of spirits that I could not validate in my mind. Some of what you told me was about me but I believe my will for "her" came through stronger than my own will to know. I think you can understand that? I invited her over yesterday to listen to my reading. First she was skeptical and syndical as we all can be. Then she started listening to you and tears kept streaming down her face. She asked me for a pen and paper. So I went and got her one. She wrote down key points to her as you spoke. Crying, crying and crying. We picked out things that did pertain to me. Mostly your reading was for her. Which is just so awesome in my book. I am so pleased you were able to validate some things for her. Your key words: Catholic, badge, captain, hedge, Joseph, June, the number 8, Texas, roses, green, carpenter, hammer, gun suicide, head trauma, blood, milk carton, over alls with one buckle undone, etc.
her favorite cousin Henry Andrew committed suicide with a gun to his head. He was a landscaper and builder. You kept saying hedges... that's where he was found. he always wore green converse tennis shoes with over alls. Lori said he bought like 20 pair of green tennis shoes so he would always have them. She said she used to wear his over alls sometimes always with one shoulder undone. He used to tease her if she didn't straighten up she was going to end up on the face of a milk carton, it was a standing joke with them. He took his life in June on the 8th day as you kept seeing. Her cousin had a neighbor whom he called captain, he was the captain of the local police force, also the one who found his body. The roses you were seeing were because every year on her birthday he would send her roses. The birthday cake with no candles was because her and him shared the same birthday. Her grandmother wouldn't put the candles on the cake until after she brought it out so they could each share the cake and take turns blowing out their own candles. Lisa told me her grandmother always told her Henry Andrew was in hell because he took his own life. (Catholic) You validated for her that he wasn't when you said that he went to the light. This was such a wonderful closer for her. Also her cousin lived in northern Texas. The wonderful puzzle that you put out has all the pieces put together now. Although I don't think either you or I was conscience of this at the time. Universe works in mysterious ways. I'm Sure my energy and will to try to help her with her gifts was blocking your way of seeing your way for me. I'm happy you were able to help her. I left your home perplexed, believing everything you said was true but I just couldn't relate to most of it. I'm glad you made me record it and we were able to pass on what she needed to hear. Many blessings to you, your work and your path. Lori and I will be seeing you and hopefully you will be able to guide her on her own gifts. She said her mother took her to a psychiatrist and had her tested for talking with and about spirits. Then her mother took her to a priest to get this evil gift out of her. Finally succumbing to it her mother took her to a medium for answers. The medium just told her mother she didn't need to be there or any advice from her. Lori has a wonderful gift and refused to say any more. After that Lori tried to bury her gifts for 20 years, then after we met they just came flowing back. I know I shouldn't but I feel compelled to seek help for her to understand. I'm sure that is why I was drawn to seek and meet you. Hope all of this makes sense and I only mean the highest good in this. I know you are busy but wanted to share. Thank you again, you are a blessing and an amazing woman.
Amanda Lynn

  All the more reason to have confidence in my guides who know more than I. Referring to this blog as “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is a rather “tongue in cheek” way to show I simply go where I am led.

In Louisiana, my former home, knowledge of me as an intuitive is through someone I had read for.  Though I never advertised, there were several papers, magazines and books published about me, but never effort on my part to gain clients or to build a business. The people who were supposed to find me did. Having recently moved to Florida, I now have a website and have gained the attention of many eager to hear from beyond. I do see my abilities as both a gift and a responsibility. Those who are open minded enough to seek me out are rewarded with either having closure or receiving comfort knowing their loved ones are at peace.

Some are not comfortable with the concept of communicating from beyond and will make derogatory comments on Facebook. My feelings are not hurt and I won’t try to educate them about my abilities. To each his own. I live by faith and always try to do my best for everyone. I will not pass on false information or fake words from those who have passed on. I refuse to provide a “show” or “entertainment,” but truly act as a vehicle to give messages from those who have gone before us. If you are a nonbeliever, I’m sorry you miss these opportunities to communicate, but I understand. However, if you are open to the idea of hearing from loved ones or are even just curious, reach out. These messages are not necessarily for your sake, but maybe your loved one having something they need you to know. It’s really all about them.

Thanks very much for reading my blog. Everything I have written is based on actual readings.