Thursday, January 4, 2018

His Love For The Ocean

One of the side affects of my gifts is that I am bombarded with messages. It’s not exactly a light switch I can turn off. I can’t control when someone speaks to me and I certainly can’t control if I hear it or not. Coming into contact with energy can mean hours or days or weeks of someone breaking through. It gets confusing trying to deal with so much information and emotion. I have the ability to focus on one specific energy that will lower the volume of others but I don’t control whom that energy is from. 

The Hollywood version of this story would be so simple. I’d help the spirit address their issues and there would be a brilliant white light and they would move on. Let me tell you now, this is not how it works in my experience. Most just want to send love. They want to touch on the life they once knew and go about their business. Some want to send frustration or apologies. They want to address their shortcomings in life but then they go about their business.  Every once in a while, I run into an energy that knocks me on my ass.

This happened to me with Chris. In life, Chris worked on the water and was in love with the ocean. I met Chris when I was walking on a dock in a local marina. I put my hand on an old piece of rope that was decoratively wrapped around a handrail and boom, there he was. I later asked the workers at the marina about the rope but of course they all looked at me like I was being difficult or just crazy. Chris followed me around for weeks. He would show me boats docking, waves, gulls, fish, and storms. A channel marker bobbing in the water became like an earworm song that just wouldn’t get out of my head.

I came to see Chris as two people. He is that strapping young fisherman hoisting nets full of churning fish with a smile on his tan handsome face. He is also the old withered man in a rocking chair watching the boats pull out in the morning and waiting for the captains to tally their catch in the evening. He is the watchful eye when a boat failed to pull in on time and always handy with a story to entertain some passerby. 

I found myself wanting to walk the beach more. I would drive down to the marina and watch as boats pulled in and out. I would ask fishermen about their catch and found that I was actually interested in what they caught and where they caught it. The smell of the marina wasn’t bad but had now become something that reminded me of home. Everything around the water was so peaceful and romantic.

I knew how much his energy had impacted me when I found myself ordering a piece of fish one night at a restaurant. I have a serious issue with iodine sensitivity and usually don’t dare risk it. It hit me that what I was doing was so out of character for me. The thought that his energy was actually impacting my conscious decisions startled me. Chris isn’t a bad energy and has no ill intentions. His love of the sea and its bounty are just too infectious. 
I knew I needed to separate myself from Chris even though he had become such a calming spirit in my life. So if I can’t control who steps forward, how do I separate myself from an energy like Chris? It took me a long time in my life to understand this but I have spirit guides that watch over me. I can call upon my guides to help transition away from an energy. This is so helpful when someone in spirit clings to me. I feel the gentle hands of my spirit guides carry them back to their place in the universe. This isn’t a negative experience for anyone. I don’t shun these spirits that attach themselves to me. They don’t hold resentment for the detachment from me. We simply part ways and continue to be who we are. 

I closed my eyes and thanked Chris for his energy. I thanked him for allowing me to feel the freedom and independence he so treasures about the sea. I thanked him for the images he showed me that allowed me to connect to his life. I shared a warm feeling of love and appreciation with him one last time and said my goodbye. I called upon my spirit guides and felt his warm light carried away. I may not feel his energy with me anymore but I will always carry a place in my heart for him and his love of the sea. 

This is exactly how I interact with your family members when you allow for me to read for you. I feel their personality. I sense their body shape. I feel their love or their passion. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Your Pets Do Not Die

     People often want to know if animals come through in Spirit after they move into the non-physical. My experience tells me that a lot of time animals are stronger in Spirit than our friends and family.

     I can often detect pet energy around a person with me getting the type of pet, and usually the breed. If I don’t know the breed, I can describe the pet. Dogs are pretty frequent visitors from the other side, as are horses. It is funny that these pets will bring through memories, trying to get me to remind their owner of something that happened when they were alive. Here is an example of what I am referencing. Recently in my preparation for a reading, Spirit said to me “Wonder Dog”. I wrote it down. When I delivered that to the client she said “No” that she had no clue what I was talking about. At the end of her reading she told me “I had a black dog when I was growing up.” It had a patch of white hair right on its chest under its neck. The dog’s name was Black she said. I use to take a black magic marker, and write a capital “B” on its chest on that patch of white hair. I sewed a cape and tied it around the dog’s neck, and the dog would wear the cape. Do you think that is what it means? This was after she had told me “No!” to almost everything I had given her. I could not believe that she would have to ask me that. The dog wore a super hero’s cape and she wants to know if it was “Wonder Dog” that Spirit was referencing? Really? I have lived off faith for so long in my readings that I no longer accept "No."  I tell you what I am getting and then keep going.

     I can tell if there is a cat near by in Spirit, and if it is a long hair cat or a short hair cat. Cat energy is as sneaky in spirit as they are in the physical. I was recently invited to visit a radio station, KBON in Crowley, LA. This station is known to be haunted. The woman who had arranged the visit with radio station management for the late night paranormal investigation, brought with her video cameras, and audio equipment. I was sitting in the darkness in a room in the front of the building, with my back to the street. The building was built many years ago, and has served as many places of business, before the radio station moved in. It was late into the night and all the lights in the building were off. Behind me was plate glass that would serve as the store window front. The video camera was filming, when I said, “I am getting cat energy.” No one said anything, as no one could verify that. A couple of days later, the woman who had owned the video equipment called me. She said, “This is kind of funny.” “You were sitting facing the camera, with your back to the street. In the film you can see the sidewalk, from the street light outside lighting the way. About five seconds after, as if right on cue, when you said “I’m getting cat energy”, a black cat came slowly walking pass the window down the sidewalk.”

     Chickens seem to come through easily and cows too. What I know happens is that the vibration of the energy is there, but the love connection of a close and personal relationship between the pet and its owner can show up front and center. I never know who is going to pop in, man or man’s best friend.

     I was sitting in a development circle one evening recently with a group of students who attend a class to develop their intuitive ability. We were sitting with our eyes closed as the instructor had asked that this be a time where messages are given. We each sit and wait to receive a message from Spirit, and deliver it to the person we believe it is for. As I am calling in my guides all of a sudden from nowhere, a little brown and white dog aggressively comes in. He comes in over my right shoulder and is moving quickly as though he is chasing something. He is angrily showing teeth and appears to have a target in mind that he would like to sink his teeth into while tarring it apart. The thing about this little dog is that he is wearing one of those half cylinder shields that are placed around a dog’s neck when a veterinarian has cared for him. I believe these are used to keep the pet from turning around reaching and chewing at its wounds. No one is speaking, so I softly say to the circle, “I have a dog here.” I then proceed telling the group how I see this animal. He came in with such force! He stopped suddenly as though something held him back. For some reason it seemed that it was as though he expected to bolt into the room entering through a doggie door and he couldn’t make it through or like ran into a brick wall stopping abruptly. I didn’t know, but something had stopped this animal quickly. When I gave details of the dog, my grand daughter, Cait, who was visiting me, said, “I know of a dog like you are describing.” He is brown and white, and he chases me on my bike when I am visiting at my Dad’s. She went on to say “He has bitten a lot of people.” I said “Is this dog in spirit now?” She said, “Not that I am aware of.” No one else could claim this. I let it go, and another person began to deliver a message.

     There is a saying in this work, and it is “Dare to deliver.” It isn’t up to us to interpret the message, but it is up to us to give it the way we are getting it. I didn’t know why this little angry fellow showed up, but I knew he had made his presence known for a purpose, and I delivered the news of him as he was wanting to be recognized by the group.

     When I shared this story, a friend of mine said “Allyson I’m not comfortable with you telling people these stories are all true, when you can’t confirm for sure who the little dog is and if he is dead.” I said, “Okay.” “Charlie and I know where we believe this little dog’s owner lives, we will go over there, knock on their door, and say, “Hello.” “I am a psychic medium and I believe the spirit of your little dog came to visit me.” “We haven’t seen him in a while, might he by chance be DEAD?”

     The same afternoon this person challenged me on this, Charlie and I got in the car and drove to the curve in the road where the little dog chased the cars. We pulled up in a driveway. Gosh it was hot! There was an older woman sitting on a riding lawn mower, with a sunhat that tied under her neck, and long sleeves and socks and pants as though she was trying to protect her self from the sun. She appeared to be in her 70’s. I didn’t even want to get out of the air -conditioned car, so Charlie got out and walked up to her. He left the engine running and stood there and talked to her for several minutes. I am thinking, “How long does it take to ask if this is the house of the little dog that chases cars?” He came back after what seemed to be 20 minutes, and got in the car. I said, “What did she say?” He said, “She said she has a flat tire on the lawn mower.” “Are you kidding me?” “No” he said. She is trying to figure out what to do next with the riding lawn mower, and I think she thought I was there to service the mower.” “Charlie did you get to ask about the dog?” She told me “Oh yeah, he is a friendly little thing and lives next door.” She said she hasn’t seen him in a while either, but said he is so sweet and is doing well. I am thinking, how does a sweet little dog, decide to become a vicious animal that chases trucks with 18 wheels? How does that happen? Charlie said we are
going next door and see if those people are home. She said she never met her neighbors,but she believes they work all the time. I am thinking, “just shoot me!” Can we stay focused here?

     So we pull out onto the road and then go to the next driveway, when Charlie walks up to the front porch, and knocks on the door. The glass door is closed and the front door was open. Charlie and I both could see and hear a little dog come running up to the door, yapping and barking like nuts! Charlie motions to me with a smile that the little dog is right here.

     The porch is a wrap around porch, and I could see from a different side a woman come walking out of a side door. I could tell she was uncomfortable, because she had her arms crossed over her boobs, like she didn’t have a bra on, feeling self- conscious. Charlie had given up on the quest to find out if the dog was still around since he just ran into the little dog at the front door.

     As he was coming back to the car he noticed the homeowner coming out to see who was knocking on her front door. They stood and talked, when I could tell from his body language with his shoulders dropping that she had said something to him that he wasn’t expecting to hear.
He returned to the car. “She knows of the dog, but it wasn’t her dog” he explained.
She said the little dog suddenly showed up there one day as though someone let him out there, but they could never get close enough to the dog to pet it. They would sit food out for it. She said she came home from work, it’s been a few weeks now, and someone had placed the corpse of the little dog in her driveway. He had been hit by a car.
She thanked us for our concern, and we drove off. I am still amazed that the little dog that chased cars and trucks, came to see me once he was in spirit. Overtime that little dog chased our car I would send angels and pray for his safety.  Was it because that in the Spirit world, he learned of me sending the angels?

Friday, August 25, 2017

Storms in Your Life #Harvey

Mans natural instinct is to divide and conquer.  The energy of me against you is either taught or possibly in our DNA.  I do not know for sure, but that seems to be how humans want to move through life finding ways we are different.  I am grieved to type this.  It reminds me of the eclipse a few days ago.  I was in a doctor’s office while Charlie was undergoing a hearing test.  There was one receptionist in the room with me.  As I was sitting watching the eclipse on television, I became overwhelmed with love for the people of the planet who experience discrimination because of their skin color.  I prayed and wept as I sat alone in the corner of the waiting area.  The receptionist had stepped out to lunch.  When she returned we began to talk.  She was a woman of color.  Together we agreed in Jesus name to pray peace and blessings over the hearts of people who are motivated by hate and bigotry.  When I left the office with Charlie there were other staff members who came in where we were no longer alone.  It was time to go.  She and I hugged and embraced for several seconds.  As I was walking out the door I turned and said “What is your name?” She told me. I smiled and said “I’m Allyson.” Charlie and I  walked out.  Getting in the car Charlie said, “Did you read for her”? I said “No.” He didn’t ask me anything else.

My point in telling you this is that we are at a point today August 25, 2017 in the United States of America where we can no longer focus on how we are different but what we must do to survive.  Recently Spirit said to me “America is not safe.”  It was during the past week or so where North Korea was in the news a lot, and I assumed that was what was meant.  I know now the message was not about North Korea.  We are not safe from our selves and how destructive we lead our lives.  We are not safe when the earth’s atmosphere becomes violent from natural occurrences.

I received a prophetic message earlier this week that it was going to be a wet hurricane season.  I posted that on my Facebook Tuesday August 21st.  Yesterday I was walking along the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  The beach and water and sky could not have been more beautiful.  I was in deep gratitude for the planet.  As I was walking back to my car with my feet in the dry white sand I saw a vision of globs of oil along the beach.  I recalled in my heart the angst of seeing the beautiful gulf coast plagued from oil spills in the past.  I felt in my heart God was telling me there is one coming.

I am asking that you pray.  Put down your swords and guns from the battles you live and create every day, while fighting those around you.  Let go of whom you hate.  Turn your back on those who hurt you.  Get on your knees and ask your higher power for protection for all the people of the earth.  Pray peace and blessings on those who hate you.  Forgive those who you know don’t love you.  I am personally experiencing rejection from the people I love the most.  I send them more love.  I will allow them to make there own choices and move through their lives in the way that works best for them.  I know what pain and suffering is.  I know what rejection feels like.  The good news is I don’t remember whom it is I’m not suppose to love.   I just continue to move through life as though nothing happened because the truth is even though the hurt has bruised my soul,  I have new goals to conquer.  If forgetting is a gift, then that is my greatest gift that God gave me.  I can tell you that not remembering everything is not a bad thing.

I am asking that each of you surrender to God and ask “How may I serve”?  What can you do to bring peace to this planet? Start with your own life.  Focus on what is the most important thing you can do to think and speak words of kindness and compassion over your own life. 

I am asking God in the name of Jesus to cover the earth with protection from deception and lies’ and pray we will all be kept safe from the storms of life.  I am a follower of Christ.  Some of you are other religions.  I honor that.  Connect with your heart going within and ask “What would my God do?” 

All of my love,

Allyson Glyn Schram

Friday, August 11, 2017

Who Are You Sleeping With?

     I am not writing this referring to one individual but to so many women who can't figure out why their romantic life isn't what they want.  Now if there is anyone to teach about romance it is NOT me.  I KNOW I have difficulty allowing people to get close to me and this includes marriage.  In numerology I  have what is called 2 - 5 energy in my birthdate.  The 2 in numerology is very loving and lovable while the 5 says "Keep Your Distance!".  I can recognize this duality in people's personalities right off the bat.  If your actions are saying love me love me love, "Don't you love me?" but you are carrying around a great big psychic "GO AWAY" sign above your head, you are sending out mixed messages.  What is it that you want?  Do you want to be loved or do you want to be left alone?  If your answer is "Both." then you have some decisions to make.  

     I cannot tell you how important it is to "Know thyself".  You cannot get to know you without sitting down in silence, going within and knowing how you feel.  When you know what you don't want it is so much easier to know what you do want.  That is where your past is so valuable.  Through what you have learned so far in life, the pain and choices you've made have helped you to identify what does not work for you. (WE HOPE)  Start by spending time in silence and ask yourself simple questions.  "What makes me happy."  "What would I have done differently."  Take this wisdom and go forward.

Now here is where this blog gets good.

     When I went through the Hilton training program becoming a hotel manager, I had to spend two weeks working with the housekeeping department.  I learned everything there is to know about cleaning a hotel room.  What Hilton did not teach me, is that I could read the energy on the bed from the hotel guest who had slept there the night before.  I could tell what type of rest they had.  I could feel if they were troubled.   Corporate anxiety and being under pressure with business travel was different from leisure travel energy.

      Then I got to thinking.  If I can read the imprint of the energy left on the bed, what the hell does that say about the energy imprint left on me from whom ever I slept with?  I was terrified.  So ok, there wasn't just the craziness or insanity from whatever that partner carried in their energy field, but knowing I may have had sex with them, they left their bodily fluids inside of my body.  OH MY GOD! Now our DNA is mixed and that is a permanent soul marker!!! Sexually transmitted disease was a totally different thing from what I am talking about.  Maybe a trip to the doctor will solve your STD problem, but now you have an imprint of what they carry in their energy field imprinted in your energy field!!  This is unbearable for me to think of. As I write I still throw my head back and shutter over realizing how badly I messed up.  If they had craziness in their life, hatred, resentment addictions, lack consciousness or any of those lower energies they carried in their aura, now I just dove in and said "Yes I will have a big heaping serving of all of that in my life too!"  "Thank you very much."  It works similar to placing your hand into piece of memory foam.  When you remove your hand your imprint stays and slowly lifts out.

When you find your life and relationships are not working you must STOP and clean yourself up. Look at what you have been attracting being aware you are carrying energies from past relationships everywhere you go.  You are allowing all that you don't want to bleed into new relationships.

Ladies I am 59 years old.  I was the Queen of one night stands in the late 1970's into the 1980's.  My life was a disaster.  Now I look back and know my sexual behavior was sabotaging any success I may desire.  I will not be sharing my body as I grow older, but for those of you who crave intimacy I beg of you to not just look for tall, dark and handsome or how well they dance. Look at what is in their life and ask if you want a big fat helping of all that too.

All my love,

Saturday, August 5, 2017

"No Thank You I'll Do It Myself" said the dead man.

Recently I was interviewed by a casting director from the United Kingdom looking for psychics.  One of the many questions she asked me was, "Has there ever been a situation where you could not read for someone?"  I answered "Yes!"  "On occasion in my career people have said "No" to everything, only later to come back and say..."Is this what you meant" or something like "I now know what that is".  I also told her I have actually had to tell people if they have been drinking or are taking drugs that numb them out it is difficult for me to step into their energy to only tell them they are blocking whatever it is they are supposed to be receiving. The story I am about to tell occurred after my interview.  I want to share it with you.  It is the first time I can recall this has happened.

A woman I don't know booked a reading.  She had a wonderful reading hearing from her ex mother in law who was really strong with a dictator type energy.  She told me her Mother in law was from Czechoslovakia and was very strong in life and opinionated. The energy of her daughter who is living was coming through with current issues she is going though. I kept seeing my sign for suicide and lower energies.  The client recognized that.  I saw a man with a mustache and other specific features she knew to be her Dad.  I saw a layered cake which is my sign of a birthday cake.  She said "Today is his birthday." There were many things he showed me including that he was in the army but I never saw a flag.  She told me he was in the British army.  Later in the reading I did see a flag that was folded in a triangle as they place in the hands of family of the widow of a fallen soldier at the funeral.  She told me that he was given an American flag at his funeral as a gift of having served even though he was in the British Army.   I heard "Orange Street" she confirmed they grew up on "Orange Street". All of this confirmation but he wasn't really talking to me and she wanted more from him.

I was frustrated I had him and he was showing me things with me relaying what I was seeing.  It just wasn't enough for her.  It wasn't enough for me either.  It felt like he wasn't going to talk.  I didn't get it!  It felt like he was holding back.  She wanted to hear specific quotes from him but there was NOTHING.  We reached the end of our reading and both were happy with what we had accomplished even though she didn't get the messages she was looking for.

The next day I received this text:

Allyson- just wanted to tell you of two things that happened yesterday after our reading - I was working on a project & had the TV on but wasn't really watching it.  I just happened to look up at it and at that exact moment the words "Ship Shape" were on the screen as the title of the next segment that was coming on.  If you remember the saying I wanted to hear from my Dad was "Ship shape in Bristol fashion"! Then later when I was driving to the nursing home to see my Mom, a blue Mylar Happy Birthday balloon floated through the air right in front of my car! I think he was trying to let me know he's there!

As the conduit for the messages I believe he was holding back with me, because he had a big surprise for her planned and he didn't want me to deliver the message for him because he wanted to do it.  I can't recall something this strong and so significant that the non physical carried out after I knew they were holding back.  I am happy for your loved one to steal the show and kick me to the curb.  It's all God so you go God!

Never underestimate the power of your loved ones.  Just because you can't see them does NOT mean they are not with you.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Baby Showed Heroic Faith Hope and Love

Over and over every day I teach there is no such thing as death.  I do so because it is what I know to be my truth.  I hear from the deceased.  I see them. I can feel how they suffered and they let me know what brought them joy.  This is evident in all of the many ready readings I have done.  It took Victoria Lynn to teach me I was right.

I had a family of a little girl contact me wanting me to give them information on their child.  I tapped into her energy and even though she was a toddler I saw her with braces on her legs.  The family validated that in her short life, she has had braces on her legs. When I saw her she was walking with crutches, wearing braces on her legs.  While on the phone with the family I immediately felt the loving energy of Charlene Marie Richard. The grandmother validated they had indeed placed a prayer card in memory of Charlene under their baby's pillow the day before.

 Charlene Richard was born January 13, 1947. After being diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia she died on August 11, 1959 at the age of 12.  During her confinement in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana Charlene would offer her prayers and suffering to God each day for the benefit of others. "She was a faith-filled little girl." said Father Joseph Brennan, a priest for the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana who was serving as hospital chaplain and ministered to Charlene during her final days.  "I see Charlene as a witness for people of all ages to the power of resignation and acceptance of God's will." said Father Brennan.  "She was't different in any way except that when the crisis came in her life - and it came very early - she accepted it with faith and trust and love."

The grandmother of Victoria Lynn told me that EVERYBODY in the hospital knew Victoria Lynn. "Victoria drew people to her." she said.  I am so amazed with Victoria's life.  She went through more pain and suffering than any of us could imagine. When in the womb Victoria's mother was told her baby's spine was not connected to the brainstem.  When Victoria was born her spine and brain stem were perfectly attached and the doctors called it a miracle.   The doctors told the family Victoria would have Down Syndrome but that wasn't the case either.  You may read about Victoria's struggles on a Facebook page called "Prayers for Victoria Lynn".

On many occasions she went into cardiac arrest and always came back to life smiling.  Once her heart stopped and the family rushed her to the ER where the staff while weighing her took their time with this deceased infant.  A doctor came in picked her up and took her to another room and preformed CPR on her. Her grandmother said "She woke up giggling." "Thats just who Victoria is!"  She continues to beat all odds.  She is a miracle baby.

As I spoke with this family and prayed and meditated and asked for answers I was able to tap right into her energy.  The family would validate the things I saw and the people in spirit who were standing by.  Not once did my guides ever make me feel or believe that Victoria was going to die.  I saw a bottle of champagne being uncorked meaning to me it was time to celebrate. The symbols were always about hope and joy and love.  I saw Jesus and angels in her room, but I was thinking they were on standby.  They were fully present.  How could I continue to believe that Victoria's little soul was not going to exit her body when science said otherwise?  I don't use my head or overthink this I go with my higher self.  I promised that grandmother I didn't believe Victoria would leave, but she did. Victoria got out of her painful body the afternoon I was shown a bottle of champagne.

This morning when I woke up I saw Victoria sitting up in the lap of a woman. The baby wasn't smiling or giggling but simply looking around and appeared perfectly content.  Her skin color was normal and her features were smaller.  I am thinking she was less swollen than the way she looked in the pictures. The woman had on a necklace or a chain that the baby was playing with.  I did not see the woman's face.  During the time Victoria was alive I kept hearing "Maw Maw".  I assumed that was the grandmother but was told "No." "Maw Maw was the great grandmother."  I believe it was Maw Maw I saw holding Victoria Lynn this morning.

Just as Charlene Richard showed heroic faith, hope and love while her body was dying so did Victoria Lynn Landry.  I know that Victoria Lynn wasn't from this planet or was a special angel from God, or a saint or something beyond "normal".  What Victoria has taught me, which may be a number of things I'm just unaware of right now, but the one thing is that I have one symbol for death.  It is a shovel.  I did see a shovel but it was always standing up when reading for Victoria.  It wasn't turned over like I see it when a death has passed and it wasn't up like we were getting reading to dig as if to say a death is coming. The shovel was standing straight up.  I just did not feel she was going anywhere and gave false hope to the family.  My heart is broken but what Victoria has taught me is that she isn't gone, she is just out of her body.  Soul is eternal and for that we need to celebrate.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Which Ship Are You On

There are about a Godzilla million reasons to say "God save us."  That is easy and logical at this time, especially just celebrating Easter.  I struggle with to want to give up.  The work is the journey.  We are on the cruise ship of life sailing to who knows where.  There are a million risks.  I think most of our cruises are on the boat with the Skipper and Gilligan, but what we need to work for is our cruise to be on the Good Ship Lolly Pop.  Every day we need to stop and comfort ourselves with "This too shall pass."

I wake each morning and scan the atmosphere.  I can feel if it's all clear in my energy field which includes my children and grand children and my bank account.  I learned to start each day by checking my bank account to see if there are any surprises that I failed to recognize.  I was reviewing my back account in detail this morning, when Spirit said to me "Call an ambulance."  I rolled my eyes and said out loud "Yes a financial ambulance."  I also picked up my phone and called Charlie to check on him in case he needed an ambulance.  My point in this is that my guides have a sense of humor.  It is so important that we maintain a sense of humor.  There are times there is NOTHING to laugh about, but if we lose our ability to laugh we lose everything.

My symbol for joy when I am reading or in trance is an ice-cream cone. If it is upside down then I know there isn't so much joy in that persons life.  I can sit here and start with the last person I spent time with and just review the lives of others.  Foreclosure and being on the street by Friday, newly discovered ST D's from a cheating boyfriend, gosh now you see why God takes away my ability to remember?  I step into the energies each and every day.  The sexual abuse of a child and the child's detailed memory of the abuse and quoting what the abuser said to her to make it a game.  I am sickened.  Now you see why I feel death is the reward?  Going to be with God and getting out of these bodies that house the soul is the completion of wisdom.

So many of us missed and dreamt of family members this past Easter Sunday, but the homecoming event and love was on the other side.  I love you guys but we have to quit the pity party and realize we are grieving over the souls of the ones we loved the most who are finally in a much better place than they are if they were here with you.  They completed their journey.  Now it is time for us to put on our big girl panties or boxer briefs every day and complete our mission by free style each day and move on.  Our loved ones are happy and will be with us in spirit and and will send protection and hear our prayers.  It is up to us to beat the loneliness and look up at the milky way and wait on the apocalypse and see if it will happen.

God allows me to have the ability to see symbols and hear messages.  I will continue to share those with you when you book readings with me.  The majority of my readings are on the phone now.  I want to hear from you and step into your energy and read for each of you.  You must go to my website and book it yourself.  I will record the reading and email it to you when we are through.